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13 Reasons Why Leo’s The Best Zodiac Sign Of All

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1. Leos are a proud lot – you will hardly find a Leo who suffers from self esteem issues. No wonder a group of lions is called a pride!

2. Leos are quite generous people – both materially and emotionally. They are bountiful in whatever they give – money, love or revenge.

3. Whether it comes to people or things, Leos have amazing taste in everything.
They always go for better than the rest and better than the best!

4. Leo’s have a magnetic personality which usually leads to them being the centre of attraction wherever they go. Heads turn when a Leo enters a room.

5. Their strong-headed personality usually makes them ideal for leadership positions. Whether they are put in charge of a small team or they are made the CEO of a firm, they will always find loyal followers.

6. Although some Leos seem extremely lazy, especially in their youth – they actually are quite a responsible lot. They love to take charge, and are really efficient workers when they put their minds to it.

7. Leos are great talkers – and give the soundest advice ever. Sure, they can be dramatic about it – but their words ring with truth.

8. When it comes to romance, Leos are the most dramatically passionate ever. Nothing is cheesy when it comes to this sun sign – and they proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves.

9. Needless to say, Leos are one of the most extroverted zodiac signs. They are totally outgoing and fun-loving – which makes them the most fun people to party and hang out with!

10. Nothing fires up a Leo more than competition – whether it comes to academics, profession or pure sports. They are never afraid to take a chance – and are most alive when they are fighting for a prize.

11. Leos are definitely the most loyal people you will ever meet. So if you have a Leo buddy, you know that they are in it for life – through all the hurdles and the hiccups.

12. If zodiac signs could have their own motto, Leos’ would be ‘Live life king size!’ These fellows are a melodramatic lot – and make reality shows and movies redundant when it comes to providing entertainment.

13. Leos are not evil people – but you will still be better off not messing with them, because their tempers are quite unstable that destroy everything in its path. If you get a Leo angry, slowly back away and run for your life.

But all in all, Leos are not really all that fierce as they appear – in fact, when they are happy, they are quite the playful cub frolicking around the jungle, in love with life and everyone around them!

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