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April 2022 Libra Full Moon: Time To Rebalance The Scales

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by Conscious Reminder

The Libra Full Moon is going to be a time where things will give in, finally.

The things that were under immense pressure would snap back to their initial places and you would need to find new avenues to obtain perfect harmony.

The Libra Full Moon will peak on April 16/17 but you will sense its energy for 4 days after and before this phenomenon. The tensions that required release would come to a head before the peak of the Full Moon.

If you felt tension mounting in the days right before the Full Moon, this would be the perfect time for you to release something. Tension needs to be cut if you want to go ahead in life.

Eris is quite active under this Full Moon and is also known as the Goddess of Strife and Discord. 

Eris is a strong warrior that fights for her feminine instincts. This nature comes from her very heart. She is also the woman who owns her sexuality and knows the fact that she is desirable.

Appreciate Your Feminine Side Under This Full Moon

Irrespective of the expressions of our gender, working with Eris will help us appreciate our feminine side, which is usually looked down on by society.

These dark feminine qualities include traits like manipulation, possessiveness, and even jealousy. It also includes magic, healthy sexual expressions, alchemy, and transformation.

Once you embrace your darker feminist, you will be able to balance the lighter qualities. You will not only be nurturing and agreeable but also stand in your own power.

You need to rise and embrace your darker feminine side wherever you see Eris creating strife and discord. This rising will help you clear out things that are not in your best interests and will help you step into your power more.

The Libra Full Moon energy will be your guiding light and you need to allow the Universe to show you the path. You need to keep in mind that this feminine expression will help you feel desirable and powerful and there is nothing wrong with that.

Allow The Flame Of This Power To Ignite Under The April Full Moon

It is of utmost importance that you feel the warmth of this flame as it will remind you of the lost magic that the feminine side possesses. Let these flames rise in order to bring a balance to the feminine and masculine energies that flow all across the world.

The society that we live in is highly masculine so a balance is required. We can enable this balance by embracing our feminine sides.

Eris will be doing its best to stir things under the April Full Moon, so you need to reach into this destruction and find new ways to attain harmony. 

Libra is all for balance and harmony, so you need to remember that a cosmic force is on your side.

How Can You Create A Greater Balance In Life?

Imbalance brings forward tensions, so utilize these energies to get your life back on track. 

Libra rules over your connections with others so your relationships will also come under the spotlight.

You need to keep in mind that people can be mirrors and reflect back on things that we need to work on. 

Due to the Cosmic forces all around this Full Moon, there will be a greater urge to assert yourself and set tougher boundaries. Several things might manifest themselves but the idea of harmony must be the priority.

Keep in mind that discords and things falling apart are only a way to smoothen the flow of energy in and out of your world.

Utilize the April Full Moon in 2022 to end things that do not offer harmony as these Full Moons are great opportunities for ending and releasing.

You need to trust your instincts and wisdom to make any important decisions that need to be made.

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