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How To Incorporate Flow And Faith In Your Energetic Practices

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by Conscious Reminder

As per the double slit experimentation, the third elementary particle of atom i.e. electrons display particle behavior when perceived whereas they have a wave nature otherwise.

We can conclude from this physics experiment that observation is capable of changing how the energy around us behaves.

Since this can be the case with a particle of an atom, why not can it define how things work out in our lives? We all know that physics is absolute and holds good for everything in the universe. Now the question arises how do we get affected when we are paying attention to the life that we are leading and how does can we benefit from it?

Here is what you can do. Define the purpose and your ultimate goal and adjust your field of energy according to that. Remain positive with the thoughts for a while and then try to transfer it into the actions that you plan to take during the day. It is important that you don’t get attached to the result of your actions.

There is a subtle way in which you can detach yourself with the outcome. It might seem confusing as why would anyone do something to achieve that they don’t even want, right? But faith is something you can have and lead the path that you feel is right and leave the rest on destiny.

When you lack faith in yourself, you seek control which limits the extent up to which you can utilize your inner energy. Not just that, you also jump on to doing something in a hurry out of fear and end up losing out on what actually should have been done. You must have felt directionless in life a few times and this is exactly what can take you in such a position again.

Faith is the energetic state which will help you apply the aim, situation, conception and elated anticipation to let go of the future and bring the focus to now. In this state, you can direct all your energy to what you really want. It becomes utterly easy to be detached once you have built up this faith in yourself.

You can do the following in order to keep faith in your life:

1. You can recall and compare the times when you followed what your gut feeling told you and the times when you didn’t.

2. Think about your accomplishments how things were challenging but you came through anyway. More importantly, this didn’t just happen once but over and over again.

3. Recognize the times when you were calm and relaxed. You’d realize that those were the times that you most enjoyed, you were most happy and at the same time you could control the outcome.

4. Identify the people you love look carefully that they’re equally flawed but they’re loved anyway.

All the power and strength that you require to fulfill your dreams lies within you. What you see outside is merely a reflection of what happens inside.

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