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Super Sturgeon Full Moon, August 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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by Conscious Reminder

The main character vibes have never been stronger since the sun shifted into the fixed fire sign of Leo.

And because Venus is currently retrograding through this sun-ruled sign, everyone has been focusing on their own personal wants, needs, and desires. Your desire to be seen and appreciated has been far more demanding than usual, and your self-care rituals have been at an all-time high. However, as the upcoming full moon approaches, everyone will be less concerned with being in the spotlight and more concerned with embracing what makes you stand out from the crowd — even if it is the very thing that makes others uncomfortable. While the Leo season has placed a strong emphasis on the external validation you seek, the spiritual meaning of the August 2023 Super Sturgeon Moon encourages you to love the parts of yourself that challenge the status quo.

The full moon in Aquarius, the fixed air sign, sheds light on your innovative thoughts, perspectives, and ways of challenging traditional ways of being. The Leo-Aquarius axis in your birth chart is where you’re most called to embrace your desire to be influential, but the upcoming sturgeon moon is about challenging the ways you think and express yourself openly, rather than securing praise and admiration. Worrying too much about how others perceive you limits your ability to express yourself, and this full moon seeks to liberate everyone from worrying too much about what others think.

What Is A Supermoon?

Supermoons are fairly common, occurring three to four times per year. A supermoon occurs when the moon is at the closest point in her orbit to Earth, making her appear larger and brighter. Supermoons are sporadic lunar events that can sometimes occur in a row. In fact, the last supermoon occurred last month, on July 3.

What Is A Sturgeon Moon?

The full moon in Aquarius will illuminate the sky on August 1, and this year’s lunation is not only a supermoon, but also the annual Sturgeon Moon. Sturgeon Moons, which take place every August, get their name from the large fish that are commonly caught this time of year. The Super Sturgeon Moon this year is also known as a Corn Moon, Harvest Moon, and Ricing Moon.

When Does 2023’s Super Sturgeon Moon Take Place?

The Super Sturgeon Moon will occur in the Saturn-ruled sign of Aquarius on August 1 at 2:32 p.m. ET or 8:32 p.m. CET. On this day, everyone will be thinking about how they can innovate or improve something in their lives, based on the house in their birth chart that Aquarius rules over. Aquarius energy is about shifting your perspective or an outdated outlook, rather than taking physical action. As a result, this full moon is less conducive to making drastic moves or changes. Its sole purpose is to free you from a limited belief or way of thinking that is based on ego or a desire for external acceptance and validation.

The Leo season allowed you to acknowledge and hold space for your desire to be seen and valued, but the Aquarius full moon is shining a light on aspects of yourself that aren’t always celebrated. While these characteristics may not always be appreciated by others, they deserve to be heard. Accept that your opinions or points of view may ruffle feathers, because that is what sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t stop dancing to the beat of your own drum just because others may not like the sound of your music. In any case, being liked by everyone is overrated.

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