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Dharma: That Is Not Religion

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As we close our eyes and feel our bodies, we contemplate the trillions of cells performing their individual task with such optimal efficiency and perfection, with such amazing synchronicity…

This working together while maintaining the individual space and duty is the foundation of dharma. This is the simplest example where the whole of the cosmos and billions of galaxies are in the infinite space, all and each following their dharma, their path. No clashes. No confusion. No conflict.

But when we come to humanity, although man is an animal like any other species, we use our intelligence, yet always deviate from the path and the truth that is dharma. An animal never kills when its hunger is appeased. But humanity’s greed is insatiable. It can devour the whole world. Human greed is a ghost with a mouth and narrow neck, but a bottomless stomach.

How Can We Seek Balance in Life?

Nature has its own balancing system. It is not that someone has to bring something to it or do something. It is done all the time, like the balancing system of our own body. Through the karmic process of churning and changing, the soul comes to realize certain simple truths of life: that to hurt is to invite hurt, to love is to be loved, to give is the path to receive. Positive thoughts of light bring forth the materialization of happy events and the law of attraction is like the law of gravitation. And this whole universe and tiny planet Earth all are under the law that is dharma. The order. It is commanded by one invisible, ultimate source.

The moment we give that source a name, religious dogmas come with it, and our ego takes over its bounden task of proving my God is bigger, better, richer than yours. The whole order is ransacked in the name of God. That is the human tendency.

Is Dharma Like a Religion?

Dharma is not religion, like Christianity, nor Buddhism, nor Judaism, nor Hinduism, nor Islam. The world has seen a river of blood flowing all over in the name of religion. Dharma is the order, the law that governs the subtle textures that are all interconnected and interwoven with love and light.

We are gradually moving toward that Light, which is the essence of all existence. We are moving toward that source which defies all foolish human definitions and creating of religions. We have had enough of religions. Enough of fanaticism and bloodshed. The Spiritual global movement is inspiring and motivating humanity toward the common goal of LOVE FOR EACH OTHER: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The world is one human family moving toward the religionless world of love and gratitude.

Yes, that day is not far when there will be one dharma, one law, one order that is love and gratitude. All religions will be buried under the manmade ground of greed based civilization and the new age will dawn where there is no more conflict and battles, wars and bloodsheds, but love and peace, harmony and joy.

True dharma will unite humanity as one family. Any religion that does not do that is false.

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