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This Pisces Season Will Bring Out Some Past Wounds That Need Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun will be transiting into Pisces on 18th February and this will continue till 21st March when the Sun cycles will begin all over again.

This Pisces season will show us that no matter how much we try to escape from our deeper lives and buried truths, it will be almost impossible to do so and we have to return to it again and inspect it.

That’s why Pisces is well known for its emotional and romantic depth, and being the last of the zodiac signs, it brings us closure regarding the past.

2019 is already looking like a horrible year. January has been intense with the Aquarius season which has brought a lot of challenges in our lives. But if we think about it, challenges are necessary because it brings a kind of clarity in our lives and bring us in tune with certain things that we are struggling with.

Aquarius likes to separate our emotions from the logical mind and that is a problem for Pisces who are quite emotional. As a result, during the Aquarius interaction, we may have felt a bit detached from our emotional side and wanted to find a way to bring it all together. We were trying hard to stabilize our conditions.

Due to this detachment that we were facing during this period, we found it difficult to grow romantically. We were more focused on financial security and personal development and romance took a back seat somehow.

There are moments when we are completely unsettled and it is during this period that we need to restart and find a sort of new footing. This is where the Capricorn and Aquarius season has helped us.

However, even though it may have tried to help us in a hard way, our emotions have been affected and we were the ones who had to deal with it. As a result, we are exhausted. But the starting of a year is a time to rebuild and change our focus into something different and better for us. The Aquarius season has brought us this ability to refocus.

Now, it is about to change.

As the Sun moves towards Aquarius, we begin to come to the realization that even if want to, we can’t escape certain things from happening.

We might fall in love with the wrong person, we will regret, and we will be disappointed because of a certain life event. We can’t just walk away without being affected by it. We need to confront it.

Walking away without dealing with something does not help anyone. Especially during this season when Mercury is present in Pisces, running will not help as we will be returning to the same problem again and again.

The ruler of our communication and thought is Mercury and it is going through Pisces. Mercury does not like to go through Pisces at all. Mercury is like the emotionally unavailable person, but now, when it going through Pisces, it is like the person that falls in love and hates being so emotional.

Pisces is dreamy and romantic and so Mercury finds it quite illogical to be present in such an area. It feels like a fish out of water but it has to pass it anyway.

But everything that happens in astrology has a reason. Maybe we are still trying to make out whatever happened to us during the October and November of 2018.

So, now, we are connecting with our emotional self as well as our logical side to make something out of those events and maybe derive some kind of lesson from it.

Now, we will be able to feel what had happened to us. We might be hurt or exhausted, but channelling our emotions is important. We have come through Scorpio season but the wounds are raw and we need to come out of it.

Now it’s time to stop pretending. We have to face our old wounds and try to heal them. We have to come to terms with it. The fish comes into our lives as a reminder of this duality of feeling present in us. We must come back and try to start living again.

Pisces season may sound challenging, but it is an important time especially for us to grow and develop. So, don’t let it exhaust you. Stop running and try to find a way to heal yourself.

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