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Know Whether You Are Carrying Yin Or Yang Energy And Bring Back Balance Into Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

We all are predominantly either Yin or Yang. Although you’d assume that this might mean we’re not in balance or harmony, but in reality recognizing your form will help you have a better understanding of harmony and be in balance.

Yin Characteristics

  • Cool
  • Adaptable
  • Night owl
  • Relaxed
  • Cold water (preferably with Ice)

Yang characteristics

  • Warmth
  • Strength
  • Day
  • Energetic
  • Teas and lukewarm/room temperature water

However if you feel like you have a combination of both of the above characteristics, then it is advisable for you to consult an expert who’d be better able to assess your energies. We all know that the Yin and Yang exist together to bring balance to each other. We ourselves experience both Yin and Yang and could move from one energy to the other during the course of our life.

How to Balance Your Energies

It is necessary to reach a balance between the both so as to have optimal health and wellness in life. This balance is achieved when you take care to have a close look at the emotional patterns, dietary habits and body history of aches and so on.


What we eat impacts our body temperature and therefore is very important to bring a balance in our body.

So if you’re a Yang individual, you need to release your excess energy and heat through your food. Eating thermogenic foods such as spices and red meats is not in your best interests. Fresh vegetables, dill and mint are advisable.

And if you are a Yang Person, you might be fatigued and need all the nourishment that you can get. Add more broccoli and coconut soup like ingredients in your diet. Stay away from detoxifying diets as your body is more in need of nourishment than anything else.


Emotions are very volatile and need balancing the most. It is very vital that you start with a determination to be less reactive and more mindful. Practice this till it becomes a part of your Habits.

A yin individual is more likely to get sad and fearful during times of stress. They have a habit of internalizing their emotions.

A Yang individual gets easily riled up and angry when things don’t go exactly as planned.

It is important that a balance is found and met while dealing with our emotions. Instead of reacting instinctively or suppressing your feelings, try taking a deep breath and face the problem with a rational mind.


Our body too needs balance.

A yin individual, would benefit more from aggressive practices such as Vinyasa flow

And a Yang individual would be able to calm their aggression by practices such as Yin yoga.

Although we rather prefer to be in our comfort zone and stick to the things that we are better at, it is very important that we try to practice that which is more necessary for our body’s balance and holistic health.

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