Do You Look At The Clock At The Same Time Every Day? It’s Time To Pay Attention

by Conscious Reminder

Coincidences are regularly present in our lives. Every day, a lot of things happen that sometimes, it is simply impossible to understand and know the reason why something happened, and where some incidents are unconnected.

Within such chaos, our Universe may send us some messages of guidance and wisdom, hidden among our everyday lives. For example, one particular coincidence is seeing an identical time on our clock on a daily basis. This coincidence falls within synchronicity’s bounds.

How is synchronicity defined?

Synchronicity is the coincidence engineered by our Universe. Through the precise pulling of the strings behind cosmic curtains, events may be synchronous in order to push every one of us in an appropriate direction.

Synchronicity can be experienced in many different ways, and seeing the identical time on our clock on a daily basis is one of those ways.

Such ways include:

  • Train or bus timetables;
  • A receipt or ticket numbers;
  • Phone numbers;
  • License plates;
  • Prices;
  • Money and coins.

Every moment in which numbers are included is going to have some kind of synchronicity associated with it.

Synchronicity is presented to us.

Usually, when we look at something that probably holds synchronous messages for us, we won’t see anything. This is because synchronicity isn’t a coincidence. In fact, it does not happen randomly.

When we experience synchronicity, it means that it is presented to us. It is something intentional, and aimed directly at us, praying for our attention. Regardless of the reason, we require guidance, so that our Universe can’t help but simply guide us.

A lot of people tend to miss such guidance. While the awakening process on Earth is progressing, the number of people that synchronicity will guide increases. Being aware is definitely the most potent thing that we can do.

We should keep our mind and eyes open, so that synchronous activity may keep us one step away from troubles headed on our way, and also provide a much better standing for us from where we can grasp the chances we are actually presented with.

Why do we keep seeing the same time on our clock?

This means that we are in the process of experiencing synchronicity. A person out there guides us. For instance, it could be our lost loved person or our spirit guide. However, it could only be our Universe leading us in the appropriate direction.

If we practice meditation, we might have the ability to discover. And for now, we have to pay attention only to the messages which were delivered to us. We should remember the time which we keep seeing, and search for the numerology of the number we see.

For example, if we keep seeing 11:11 daily, the number 11 is an extraordinary one, which relates to the start of the journey of twin flames. It means that we are about to meet our twin flame soon, and we have to start preparing.

In fact, that is what synchronicity is giving us – time to get ready. Something comes our way, and when we pay more attention to it in this world around us, we may see how it comes.

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