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The Mystical Pisces New Moon Will Bring Out The Wisdom Of The Divine Feminine

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Pisces is a time to spend with ourselves and our emotions. The New Moon is also referred to as the dark feminine. It is about going deeper within ourselves so that we can understand our core wounds.

It will be an emotional period, but if we can acknowledge our emotions and be honest with ourselves then it would be possible to tackle these emotions and become steady from the inside. The Pisces New Moon will be filled with deep realizations – we just have to be ready for it.

Asking For Help

During the Pisces season, we become one with our emotional side, but there is a hidden guide inside us, calling for us. This is the archetypal grandmother, who has experienced spiritual life and tries to direct us on the right path.

But to get her help, we need to ask from her. Remember, all of us have free will. Only if we are willing to surrender and ask for her help can we actually receive it from her. Help without asking for it will seem like an imposition and our inner guide is not someone who will impose on us.

It will only give us hints and try to help us subtly. So, all you have to do is surrender yourself to this divine intervention and take the help of your inner guide and the cosmos as a whole.

If you want your kids to attend to their inner voice, then you can let them watch one of the animated films on the Mexican Day of the Dead, so that they can also be one with their innocent, spiritual voice.

A Visit To The Past

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac. So, when we have reached the final chapter of the Zodiac wheel, it will ask us to look behind and see how we have grown. During Pisces season, you will have to revisit certain events in the past, however uncomfortable they may be.

Circumstance might reappear in your life and make it more difficult for you. It will all be like a revisit, back to circumstances and learning from it as we move forward in time.

We will have a better understanding of things and will be prepared for the future. Don’t be afraid to face your past demons – they are only here to help you.

Confronting Yourself

The Pisces New Moon will make you a lot more emotional as you move closer towards it. You will feel victimized and will curse your life and fate. But don’t become so negative. Try to experience it as a path towards better understanding and be compassionate towards the injustice.

That’s what Pisces wants you to understand. Even if someone is treating you in a terrible manner, do not fall victim to it. Rise above it and you will see that you are much stronger than you believed you could be.

Pisces also helps in increasing our perceptive selves and helps in developing our psychic mind. We will be able to read different signs and thus, unravel the mystery of our life. So, become one with your instincts and follow your intuitive messages.

If you feel like someone has done you wrong, then go back and understand what had actually happened during that time. Learn your lesson. This is the reason why three wise women are represented as ‘The Fates’.

They represent the past, the present, and the future. We need to find a center in our lives and develop our future accordingly. Be mindful of the thoughts and don’t let it control you.

The Pisces moon might be a challenging phase for you, but don’t allow it to suppress you. Learn from it and grow better. You can definitely get through it.

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