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It’s Possible For Couples To Be Intimate Without Having Intercourse, Here’s How

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by Conscious Reminder

While s*x is clearly an act that involves a lot of intimacy, there are other ways you can be intimate with your lover. Keep reading to find out how you can improve your intimacy.

1. Compliment your partner

Talking to each other is an important aspect of every relationship. Even the smallest compliment will let your lover know that you are paying attention so appreciate them whenever possible.

2. Write love letters to one another

Technology has taken a lot of romance out of communication but there’s no reason why you can’t bring it back. You don’t need to be the next Robert Browning to pen down a few lines about how much you love your partner. It will make them incredibly happy.

3. Gaze deeply into one another’s eyes

It looks like a very small action but it invokes a lot of intimacy. If you’re in love, your pupils will become dilated, clearly showing your emotions to the other person. It can also arouse the two of you and stimulate the release of Oxytocin.

4. Give each other a massage before bed

This will incredible after a hard day at work. When you give and receive a massage, you will be more relaxed and touching each other without expecting s*x will only strengthen the bond that you already have.

5. Sleep together without having s*x

When you’re done with the massages, just hit the sack and don’t worry about s*x. This indicated that both of you are comfortable and secure in the relationship and will give you both more time to rest.

6. Take care of each other when sick

When your significant other is under the weather, nurse them till they are well. Suggest a couple of things you can do for them and don’t let them think that they’re bothering you.

7. Just be together without having to do anything

Take some time to just relax with each other and savor the happiness of being close. You can’t always go on holidays so just try and enjoy every moment that you get to spend with each other.

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