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This Is How You Can Start “Thinking” With Your Heart

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by Conscious Reminder

“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object” – Milan Kundera.

The heart is the life support of living creatures. It pumps the blood and thus keeps the life flowing. Indeed, its’ importance is beyond question. But, is it all that it’s capable of?

Of course not. Through the ages, we have forgotten to acknowledge the heart’s own intelligence. We sure have learned lots about heart’s wisdom, but have we put them to its rightful use?

Most of us can’t really digest the idea of asking the heart a question. We’d rather ask it to the mind, which has an ability to assess situations. But, the intelligence that the heart possesses, is not comparable to our mind’s intellect.

Want to know why?

The heart gives you the ego-free answer

It has the knowledge of all that you’ve gone through. It will thus give you an answer which is free from egoic manipulations that your brain can potentially make. Your heart is your best friend who knows you well enough to tell you what you truly need.

The Hridaya

This is the spiritual energy that is stored in your heart chakra. It’s an ancient Sanskrit term which literally means ‘this center’. Hridaya lets you concentrate on the center, to focus on your best version, instead of getting distracted. On the other hand, suppose you ask one of life’s deep questions to your mind-brain. It will assess the details of your past experiences and beliefs connected to the question and will give an answer that is basically what we want to hear even if it’s wrong.

The thing is, asking our brain is like putting a cover of emotions on the situations and then acknowledging it.

The Heart’s Biology

It’s a biological fact that more fibers lead to the brain from the heart. So, more communication is sent to the mind than is received. We end up having an emotional brain before we have rationality, while the heart can do its own job perfectly. The heart regulates all systems of the body and if the heart shuts down, nothing else matters. But, how will you use your heart’s wisdom to think? Here are some steps to ensure you can truly follow your heart’s desire.

1. Concentrate on your heart

When you do this, your body will send a signal straight to your heart that you need its wisdom.

2. Breathe slowly

Doing this lets your heart know that you need higher wisdom and it’s not just your panic mode. Deep breaths help calm your system.

3. Ask your question

Brief questions make it easier for your heart.

4. Experiences differ

You might get a tingling or warm sensation, or even butterflies in your stomach. Your heart will communicate by sending its answer through your mind. It will simply tell you what is best for you and what you truly desire.

5. Practice makes it better

The more this process is done, the more familiar you’ll be with your heart’s pure wisdom.

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