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Spiritual Significance Of November 11, 2018: Powerful Manifesting Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

From a numerological point of view, 11 is so-called a Master Number, and it actually holds an extraordinarily creative and powerful vibration, which permits purposes, wishes, and intentions to manifest much more comfortable than usual.

It is also considered as the one of spiritual awakening, and it can be quite helpful in activating some extremely high consciousness states.

When we see the code 11:11 frequently, for example on the clock, or maybe when we are tied to some patters of 11 it may actually indicate a change that is coming or spiritual awakenings.

The Universe, angels and spirit guides also utilize numbers as an alternative of connecting and communicating, and the divine creatures often employ 1111 in order to help them and point them on the right path, as well as illuminate it in front of them. The pattern 1111 is fundamentally about the coming in alignment, so we can walk the highest paths and also be a vibrating match for everything we need, desire and want.

So, this actually makes the 11th of November an excellent period of doing some rituals or even spending some time thinking for everything we want to provide our lives with.

In numerology, this year is a Universal Year 11, which additionally enhances the vibrations and also amplifies the powerful effects of 11. The numerological pattern for this period is 111111.

Here, we have the number 11 repeated for three times, which signifies a period in which we can put our body, mind, and soul in order. Additionally, it is a strong day for getting into some alignment and for healing too.

Being under the influence of such energy, we will be asked to link with intuition, as well as think for the real things we want to create and manifest, and not only for our own aim but for the whole world.

We will also have highly influential thoughts and the capacity to create and manifest the desires we have easier. Our thoughts always help us to shape, as well as create the reality in which we live, but during 11/11 we will have the ability to manifest faster. 

While using it for manifesting the greatest wishes, we will have to think much bigger than that. It is good to set our intentions and visualize them with some positive, as well as harmonious vibration more frequently.

We live in a world which is the same for everyone, but we have different perceptions, and this mostly happens as we have different thoughts too. They can paint, and color the world that surrounds us.

It is important those thoughts to be positive, but even more important is to be true to ourselves, and permit ourselves to react, also think, and then act authentically.

Everyone gets angry from time to time, or feels resentful, jealous, bitter, hostile, shameful, guilty, etc. These are natural, normal emotions, and they are also a small piece of our experience. 

We don’t like holding onto some emotions that are negative for a long time. When they appear, we will do our best to remove them. When holding to those emotions, they are going to create our way of life and of other people around us too. The thoughts do not only shape the reality, but also contribute to the existence of others too. And when together, all the thoughts create the world in which we live.

When we focus on thoughts that are positive, and when we are true or authentic, sharing love everywhere around us, we can actually help in changing the world’s state, and even increase the planet’s consciousness.

While the 11/11 code is excellent for manifesting dreams, meditating, connecting with some divine beings, setting intentions, etc. it also remind us that we are together in the world. We need one another, and every one of us needs to do the best in order to even advance the planet’s consciousness.

So, we have to treat other people kindly and compassionately, hold to our heart, and see how the simple shifting, as well as responsibility taking for our thoughts can actually help us in not just in raising our awareness, but the planet’s consciousness too.

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