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Am I A Starseed? Are You One Of The Souls Enhancing Life On Earth And Beyond

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ever read the wonderful poem called The Iliad? Well, for one read it because it’s the best, but also read it because it is probably the earliest depiction of what we call starseed.

The theory is, that beings far more intelligent and advanced than us inhabit or inhabited planets revolving around other stars, far, far away.

They are what Carl Sagan calls Type 3 civilization beings, i.e. they can harness the powers of their entire galaxy in order to maintain their lives.

Using that energy, they have time and time again, come to our lovely, primitive planet and taught us skills necessary for civilization and humanity.

Only, we know them as Gods.

In the Iliad these gods came down on Earth and couples with mortal women to have offsprings who became endowed with special abilities. What’s more, they were constantly under the protection and tutelage of their alien parents.

They are what we call ‘starseed’ now.

These are, summarily, offspring of beings more advanced and empathetic than human beings can aspire to be.

As a result, they have abilities that cannot be explained by human standards.

What are some of the features that these people possess?

Read on to find out.

1. Different colored hair/eyes

Sometimes you might find someone with eyes colored differently. The Japanese considered this a marker of the spirit world because the individuals possessing this would have inexplicably powers.

Now you know why.

2. Precognition

In Jungian terms, precognition is the ability to know something before it happens. It has been called by names such as augury and prophecy. Individuals who possessed this ability were worshipped as seers, prophets and soothsayers.

These individuals had gut feelings that made them immune to commonplace dangers and exceptionally lucky.

3. Empathy

This is something human beings are still mastering. This is the ability to understand their fellow humans’ feelings just by being in contact with them.

This is a virtue we all need in good supply too, given the world we live in, with wars and violence becoming something of a constant in our lives.

4. The feeling of having been here

What we call déjà vu. The thing is, often times gods a.k.a. type 3 beings incarnate as starseed humans too. This happens when they remember having visited our planet in another form long ago.

5. Excellent leadership qualities

Let’s face it, these people are literally gods with powers beyond our understanding. They have leadership with them innately, because it was their job to teach our ancestors skills necessary for survival.

They oftentimes prosper drastically in corporate setups, making managerial posts very soon.

5. Feeling like a wallflower

Being a Type 3 in a Type 1 world is like using scrolls and pigeons to send messages in the internet era.

They simply cannot get used to the plebeian ways of mankind.

They often make enemies thanks to this, because they are not at our level to be honest.

6. Time

Starseeds view time differently. For them, it is a dimension that can be crossed. As a result, you will find them meditating a lot. They do this to send their souls back or ahead in time to rectify things or see things before they happen.

This same thing was what Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5 was about.

If you find yourself feeling this way, do not try to suppress yourself. You were born for a reason, which will probably change a lot of things for the world.

You might feel sad and depressed because of the fact that you cannot make friends, but remember, that’s not why you are here for.

You are a born leader. And those are bound to be hated by at least some of the populace.

So keep hope and wait. Let your powers manifest.

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