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March Brings Powerful Astrological Activity And Here’s How It Will Affect The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

This March is bringing a lot of astrological activity as it is witnessing two full moons and one New moon. Full moon is a time when our emotions tend to run a little out of hands as we experience everything much more intensely.

March also sees Mercury moving into retrograde position on the 22nd. This might bring some lapses in communication as everything that is meant will not be conveyed. The zodiac sign in power is Pisces which is a water sign. Since Pisces is known for its intuitive power it will be a good time to listen to your inner voice

A Retrograde Mercury means that we will have an opportunity to look back on the past. It is very good for retrospection and reflection on our past actions and experiences. It is the time to take things slow and not rush into anything new. Mercury would be in conjunction with Venus which will bring in that much needed joy and a little playfulness in the mix.

The first full moon of March faell on the 1st, in the sign of Virgo. The opposition of the Sun and the Moon in the sky also brought out the intense binaries within our own lives, both physically and emotionally. Saturn was in transition during this time and helped us in disciplining ourselves; overall it was a good opportunity to make positive changes in life.

The Full Moon of 31st brings the most intense emotional energies to the fire. This might help you have a better understanding of your circumstances.

The New moon of March 17th in Pisces will bring back old memories and might help us solve some old conflicts. It might prove to be a time for us to receive great rewards if we are willing to put in the required effort.

Here is a breakdown of what March will bring for your sun sign

Aries, you will have to tread very carefully as people might not interpret your messages in the way you meant. Think twice before speaking.

Taurus, you might have to face some skeletons in your closets as secrets get unveiled. But with proper perception you might change this into an opportunity of learning.

Gemini, this time would be very hard for you and your relationships and professional project would be in great jeopardy unless you tighten your belts and work on them.

Cancer, you might have a hard time interpreting messages so better not take any new responsibility. Tread with caution whatever you do.

Leo, use this time to hone your strengths and skills instead of launching yourself into new endeavors.

Virgo, matters of relationship and money might be sensitive topics; so be careful on how you handle them.

Libra, you will feel a need to rekindle old flames or just catch up with people from your past. Meeting new people might not exactly be your cup of tea at this time.

Scorpio, the whole experience can be a bit overwhelming for you. Decide your own pace and focus on your own health first.

Sagittarius, you might find the urge to meet old people as well. But the past is a treasure box filled with both good and bad stuff, so be on your guard.

Capricorn, you might have to deal with some uncomfortable issues relating to family. But you would have a better perspective and may be able to deal with it well.

Aquarius, communication is going to be very tricky for you as well as people will interpret as they have made their mind to.

Pisces, you might be in the mindset of spending impulsively, so put a check in your expenses lest you regret it later.

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