Make The Most Of Cancer Season With These 3 Powerful Crystals

by Conscious Reminder

We have crossed the halfway mark on our calendars and entered into the month of the fourth zodiac sign.

Cancer season will now allow us to express all the emotions we have been suppressing all this while. And to make the most of the free-flowing energy of this sign, you can try these 3 crystals this Cancer Season.

Cancerians are known to be empathetic and compassionate. They are great nurturers and thrive in their home. The element of water makes them sensitive and adds an aura of mystery. But the sensitive energy of Cancer needs some protection from the rough world as well. And for that, we hope these crystals will help you this coming month:


This catchy blue crystal works wonders with the intuitive energy of Cancer. Labradorite can liven up the connection we have with the higher realm and reminds us how we are a part of the Divine. This crystal is a reminder of the magic that surrounds our lives. Those with psychic abilities are not the only ones who can tap into the magical powers of this universe. Take a walk in nature, dip your toes in that running stream, you too will get to experience true magic.

Cancer, being ruled by the Moon means we can easily unleash our creativity and imagination. And Labradorite will elevate our imagination further. Let your creativity flow like the water sign – paint, draw, write, take a cooking class even! Seek the aesthetic that soothes your soul, you will find magic within. The magic is in our own minds, not in the external world. And once you can connect this magic and creativity, you will realize how much closer to the Divine you truly are.


Cancer Season is the season of overwhelming emotions. Being ruled by the Moon, Cancer makes us emotionally vulnerable during this time. Rhodochrosite can guide our emotions and allow us to express them in a compassionate manner.

The energy of Cancer asks us to dive deep into whatever we do. If you seek true love, this is the time to find them. And Rhodochrosite will only help you in such endeavors! It can help you establish a deep connection while reviving your childhood innocence.

If you have recently gone through a break-up, you have to carry Rhodochrosite with you. It reminds us of how we are all worthy of love and care.

White Opal

This highly vibrating crystal often brings us clarity and connects us with our Spirit Guides. Its nourishing energy mirrors that of Cancer, and it also helps us activate the Crown Chakra. While clearing negative energy within us, White Opal can lead us to our soul calling.

The one problem we often face during the Cancer season is being overwhelmed by our emotions. But we must remember to trust our intuition. We often ignore our gut feeling, especially those born under water signs. In such a season, White Opal can help us balance our emotions. It will keep us sane even in the most emotionally charged moments. Outbursts of emotions are usually the result of our efforts to uphold our own values. We tie our identity with them and any different perspective is perceived as an attack on the identity. This is why we need to remember how our identity is actually connected with the unending energy of love of the Universe.

With White Opal, we can also declutter our homes and get rid of stagnant energy this Cancer season. This will further help us unleash our creativity in a positive environment.

Embrace any of these 3 powerful crystals, and make the most of Cancer Season 2020. Unleash your creativity, let your imagination flow, and nurture yourself. The Universe will take care of the rest!

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