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10 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Because Of Your Alpha Personality

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Alphas get a lot of shade from their peers for being bossy or an insufferable-know-it-all. But the truth is they are not choosing this. In fact here are ten things that they tend to do without even realizing it.

1. They are precise and to the point.

They cut to the chase because they value time. Whether it be yours or their own.

2. They value Actions over words.

Even though they are not exactly skeptical, yet they’d sooner believe you if you show them results rather than talking about them.

3. They don’t fear being the lone wolf.

They don’t suffer from the fear of missing out. They’d only go to a party if they want to and not because all the cool people would be there.

4. They stay true to their word.

They don’t make false promises. If they have made a commitment, they do everything to make it happen.

5. They prefer selective company.

Not that they are rude to everyone else, but they are very particular about their close knit group.

6. They are their own best company.

They can be left alone for hours and they wouldn’t mind it. In fact, this is when they recharge.

7. They don’t want for much.

They are not into fads and compulsive buying sprees. They will use only what they like, not what a million people are fawning over.

8. They are never bored.

They always have so much going on in their mind and their life that they don’t get the time to get bored. Their hands would always be full of new things to try.

9. They are their own soulmate.

They don’t need anyone to complete them. They’d only get with someone who believes the same about themselves.

10. They don’t care about the popular opinion.

People can make speculations all they want, but an Alpha will never bother about what they think.

Are you sowing any of these signs? Do you think you can be the leader of the pack?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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1 comment

EL March 28, 2018 - 6:12 pm

They will protect the innocent, but watch out if you’re guilty… You will be called to answer for your choices, and be given an opportunity to correct yourself… But if you don’t heed the opportunity to do the right thing for “all”… You will pay the consequences! An alpha knows they don’t need to muddy themselves by seeking revenge… Instead, they will leave the dirty work to the Universe! Quote, “Integrity reaps rewards in all dimensional realms, while duplicity actualizes retribution…” An alpha knows the energetic rules and will play in integrity! They also won’t hold grudges, because it’s a waste of time… However, don’t expect them to allow you back into their lives if you tried to gain at their expense! They will focus on what is good for all and only play with those who do the same! They listen to inner guidance, knowing the inborn intuitive Divine faculties will always guide them on the best path for all involved… They trust the Divine, even in times of chaos, knowing everything will work out as needed… Being an alpha means, being in communication and full knowing with the inborn Divine within (already in all of us!)… Just open, breathe and Be! Namaste…


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