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Today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini Urges Us To Focus On The Positive

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by Conscious Reminder

The Blood Moon Eclipse took place on 26th May. Since then we have experienced a portal that lies between what is old and new.

This has kept us transfixed to two simultaneous states of consciousness. This portal has finally concluded on 10th June, which marks the arrival of a New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The phase is representative of a new beginning. Our future path has already been cleared by the previous Blood Moon so now we have clarity regarding the direction towards which we are heading.

We must trust that whatever is happening is meant to bear fruitful results eventually. This Eclipse will take away all unnecessary things while the things meant to stay will finally remain.

This New Moon will be unfolding in the Gemini Season whilst the sign is at 19 degrees. This also signifies an Annular Eclipse that refers to the Earth’s shadow moving towards the midpoint of the Sun. It will create a visual that will appear like a ring of fire.

Solar Lunation In Gemini Season 

Gemini sign symbolizes the twins where one is mortal while the other is immortal. The twins also embody the duality that is faced by all humans on Earth.

As humans, our physical bodies limit us since they require material comforts. However, we have a limitless soul that is constantly on a journey to seek growth.

In addition, humans have a habit of labeling everything either as good or as bad. On the other hand, our souls are able to see the larger picture and understand that everything has a bigger purpose. It is definitely tricky to identify this duality.

Several questions are plaguing us regarding the stories and labels that we narrate to ourselves. This duality might enable us to ease these unsettling energies and help us navigate when things change suddenly.

A few potent cosmic events are happening simultaneously including the involvement of Neptune in this lunation and Mercury retrograde. As a result, we might face new information that might be confusing or overwhelming.

Although New Moon has the prospect of new beginnings that appear fertile to start new projects, we must trust our instincts. When something feels strange, we must pay close attention and act accordingly.

Follow Your Intuition 

Things might initially seem foggy but we will achieve clarity as we trust our intuition and find inner guidance shown by our soul. Furthermore, our instincts will guide us through even when we suffer from mental fog and get manipulated by others.

This Eclipse will witness the active participation of Mercury, Neptune, and as well as Saturn. Numerous past events may get stirred because they need our attention once again as Saturn will be in retrograde. We must learn to acknowledge those past things rather than simply reflecting upon them.

June Solar Eclipse appears to be connected with events from December 2011 and from May, or November events from 2020. These dates might be clues to the energy that needs to be activated right now. It might help us in obtaining growth and lead us on the right path of evolution.

Additionally, we may be able to see something from our future since Eclipses often serve as a prediction tool. This Eclipse is the North Node that represents the beginning of a new story to the collective destiny. People may come together to dictate a better future worldwide.

We must start using this Eclipse energy to focus on all the things we desire instead of the things we do not require. However, we must be cautious of the way our thoughts move and the way we feel.

Let things take their own flow rather than forcing things. The June New Moon Solar Eclipse is setting us up for our future.

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