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Pisces New Moon On March 17th, 2018  ∼ Time To Heal

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by Conscious Reminder

This 17th of March the heavens will see the alignment of the Sun, the New Moon and Chiron the planetoid which has been in the sign of Pisces since 2010’s May.

Though Chiron is healing and Pisces too has a caring and intuitive effect, this period can still be full of turbulence and hurt because Moon is at a very dark place.

Our old wounds and hurts will be revealed anew but with the assistance of Chiron we might learn to let go of them and move on.

During this time we are more emotionally vulnerable. Our self esteem might be at an all time low, and we might seek validation from our friends and family. But they cannot heal us, healing has to come from within. We might overthink things and think that everything is much worse than it really is. If we are not careful all these negative emotions might really manifest themselves and the disasters we envisioned might well become reality.

The need of external validation will do no one any good. Validation can be strengthening and empowering when it is heartfelt and not when it is asked for. We will have to look inside ourselves to seek out the reason for our need to feel validated.

Chiron helps us in facing the wounds that we always ignore or suppress. In the time when both the sun and the moon are in close proximity of Chiron, it becomes almost impossible to ignore any and all traumas that we would like to forget.

Chiron is especially helpful in bringing out the hurts from our young years the ones which were suppressed long ago in need of a better understanding.

Even though we might like to think that all that is behind us, they fester and grow within our psyche and come out in the ways we never expected. Though it might seem easier to ignore our problems, they never go away and come back to harm us in the ways we never expected.

This is a great time for healing as Chiron can give us the strength to address these sore spots without hurting them even more. Powerful periods in the lunar cycle are the time when we are emotionally charged and any little thing can trigger or flare us up. This is the perfect time for us to travel within ourselves and heal these wounds.

We can take the help of all the elements which can make this testing time a little easier for us. Water is a great source of healing and you can draw baths with healing salts to make this time a little easier for you.

Sound therapy and music can also be of great help. Whatever it takes, open yourself up to face these wounds and heal yourself. Chiron in Pisces can make the journey a lot easier for us, if only we have the faith to let it.

We just need patience and inner strength to go through this time and we will come out of it stronger and healthier than before.

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