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How To Ground Your Energy And Heal Through Walking Barefoot

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by Conscious Reminder

Earth is the greatest nurturer we can ever have. It’s the Blue Planet that we derive our basic life force from.

Earth not only provides us with the food and nourishment that our body needs, it is also enough to take care of our spiritual needs.

Earthing or barefoot walking is a process that allows us to get in touch with mother nature in the most direct way possible. Try walking barefoot on some grass or at the beach. You will feel relaxed and refreshed.

This is because, when we make contact with the earth directly, it allows energies to flow through our bodies, and have a better impact on our organs.

When we walk on such uneven surfaces as the beach or dew covered grass in the morning, the body’s natural healing mechanisms also get activated.

It also helps us in getting a direct dose of antioxidants, which the Earth is full of. These antioxidants get rid of the cancer causing free radicals in our bodies. Other than that, barefoot walking also helps improve the blood circulation, reduces anxiety, gives you better sleep and metabolism among other benefits.


It is advised that you try to walk barefoot at least for a 10-20 minutes a day. However if you don’t have any access to a natural ground or maybe some days the weather conditions don’t allow you to go outside, you can also practice it within your home with the help of Reiki.

  • Take a deep breath and try to relax your body as much as possible.
  • Try to visualize yourself as sitting outside in a garden instead of the room.
  • Focus your thoughts on the earth and how it heals us. Try to stimulate your heart chakra and feel the love for earth.
  • Imagine your life force and think of it as moving between your body and earth. Keep trying to visualize this till your bond with the earth keeps getting stronger and stronger.
  • Then try to think how the energy of the Earth is now flowing up your feet and revitalizing all your body organs.
  • Make sure that you express thankfulness and gratitude towards earth for its healing.

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