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New Moon In Pisces Rising On March 6th: Believe In the Unbelievable

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon, happening on the 6th of March in the sign of Pisces, conjoins Vesta and the planet Neptune, giving the new beginnings a sacred devotion.

In fact, Vesta is all about absolute focus and purity, and when it conjoins the planet Neptune, the focus will be trained on things which are ephemeral, transcendent and spiritual.

As we are talking about New Moon lunar cycle, it is evident that things have just started, so our dreams are still developing.

The Moon will make the sextile Saturn happening in Capricorn that may ground things and give them some form. Moreover, it will activate the Neptune/Saturn sextile from the 31st of January.

During 2019, Neptune and Saturn will make three sextiles. The form, represented by Saturn, harmonizes with the thing that dissolves, represented by Neptune, for subtle, however, effective energies. We may make specific dreams become a reality.

However, Neptune and Saturn together imply sacrifices. Specifically, the reality of Saturn will put the limits on the dreams of Neptune. Although this sextile will be harmonious, there are still going to be sacrifices. Tapping in it with a soft control, we may create something different and new.

The 18th of June: Saturn Rx sextile Neptune.

The 8th of November: Saturn sextile Neptune Rx.

The dates on which these three sextiles occur will be the key for the development of the potential of the New Moon, as right now, it is just potential.

The planet Saturn actually indicates that there is sacrifice or work needed, while the planet Mercury in the sign of Pisces is going to station Rx one day before, which means information is going to be flowing.

What is starting now is going to progress together with the winding route which we will not have the ability to map out right from where we stand.

We should utilize the focus of Vesta to remind us of the higher and ultimate purpose, while also using the discipline of Saturn to make this happen. However, we should also accept that we won’t have the ability to control the manifesting of things.

On this same day, we are also going to see the planet Uranus shifting into Taurus. Last year, on the 15th of May, this planet entered in Taurus, which means that the New Moon is also going to be associated to some events from the 15th of May, particularly initial disruptions to and upgrades of our resources, security base, and habits.

Some events which happened last year in May are also going to be reactivated. Since Uranus is now going to be in the sign of Taurus, until the 25th of April, 2026, it tells us that the beginnings of this New Moon are going to involve permanent changes to the area of Taurus of our chart.

The planet Uranus will also tell us that some things are not going to be under our control at the beginning, it is going to be really hard to make some concrete plans about something, so we will need to go with everything that happens.

Neptune and Vesta in the sign of Pisces are all about imposing beliefs which drive our devotion and faith in everything we can still not see. We should remind ourselves about this when things get a little bit blurry during the following months.

We may even question if what is starting is actually real. The planet Saturn says that it is real, while Uranus in Taurus says that it is not just real, but it is also the most important thing that has ever come on our way.

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