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African Astrology Holds Surprising Ancient Wisdom

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by Conscious Reminder

Recorded history shows African astrology as the oldest kind of astrology. This astrology consists of 12 signs which are based on the dates of births, just like our Zodiacs.

This primitive form of astrology was a part of African oral tradition, pre-dating the written systems. It is aimed at using the wisdom of ancestors ancient, to develop a greater understanding of our inner selves, along with the things which drive and nourish them.

The symbols used as the signs in this Zodiac originated from the bygone art of geomancy and the bone arrangements thrown during the rituals. The names come from traditionally ideas and objects within the African culture.

The 12 African Zodiacs:

Baobab: January 4th – February 3rd

This sign is believed to be one of the strongest and the name refers to Baobab trees, which have incredibly thick and sturdy trunks. Self-confidant, Baobab-borns are great providers for their families and have a flair for business. They are blessed with honesty, integrity, and presence of mind.

Wealth Of Amber: February 4th – March 5th

Considered to be an intellectual sign, the Wealth of Amber people have sharp minds but are also anxiety-ridden. These impulsive yet intuitive thinkers must pause for thought to reap best benefits. They can turn materialistic, ignoring the spiritual, and often harbor jealousy against others. Despite this, they have great respect for people who can break the barriers.

Family: March 6th –April 4th

As the name suggests, people under this sign are family-centered and natural diplomats. They are generous with their wealth as well as wisdom as sharing brings them happiness. They are embodiments of the spirit of community and are always encouraging others to reach common goals by working in groups and sharing resources.

Small Services To The Neighborhood: April 5th – May 4th

People of this sign have warm and outgoing personalities and are well regarded in their community. These excellent communicators easily make friends too. People often rely upon them for help in crisis situations, but they are rather lazy in their leadership. They won’t step in a minute before absolutely required.

Market: May 5th – June 4th

These people are supposed to be the embodiment of the familiar, busy, yet dangerous locales of the marketplaces of Africa. Caring and warm, these people can also be emotionally unstable as well as unpredictable. This leads to problems in their relationships and friendships unless handled with care.

Ancestor: June 5th – July 4th

The Ancestor is extremely respected in the African horoscope. Natural leaders, they take pivotal roles in their community often. Urge to be at the top often makes them isolated from the group, though the group appreciates their guidance. Seemingly uncaring, they can turn very affectionate at times while guiding people who need help.

Judge: July 5th – August 4th

People born in this sign try to see all sides in a discussion. They respect others and their points of view but maintain their own individual decisions. While the Judge people may seem passive in their actions, they are great at encouraging had working people. This makes them loyal and valuable friends to have.

Kola Nut: August 5th – September 3rd

Kola nut people are assumed to have clairvoyant powers and so people tend to be cautious around them. These people can be singular and particular in their goals although they are innovative and embark on unusual paths. This leads them to great wisdom with age.

Traveler: September 4th – October 3rd

Traveler people mostly suffer from a lot of inner conflicts, resulting in instability. This is rooted in them not being able to find a place in society. Often misunderstood, these creative and imaginative people are gifted in commenting on human experiences.

Distance: October 4th – November 3rd

Dreamers, thinkers, and rebels are usually born under the sign of the Distance. They cannot conform to society’s various norms and hence suffer within the structures. When free to follow their desires, they are able to achieve great success. But even then they feel restricted by the expected norms of triumph.

Child Of The Word: November 4th – December 3rd

The Child of the Word people enjoy great success which comes very early to them. Blessed with life-long safety and security, they have no dearth of resources. Hence they are generous and also have great allies. But they must be careful not to let their success turn them arrogant, which could bring in poor luck for them.

Harvest In The Granary: December 4th – January 3rd

These people are blessed with vitality, health, as well as abundance. These people are dynamic and brimming with life. Often athletes, these people can get carried away with compliments which could limit their success.

Did your birth date and personality match with the ancient African astrology?

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