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Uranus Is Retrograding And Ushers Us To Make A Change

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by Conscious Reminder

Uranus has been in motion for some time now. It has been in Taurus but the effects were not quite prominent because many other celestial energies were influencing us.

Now that the rest of the energies have watered down, the Uranus retrograde will have a strong impact on our lives.

This Uranus retrograde started on 11th August, 2019 and will continue till 10th January, 2020. While most retrogrades have a negative impact on our lives the Uranus retrograde will be rather positive.

The most prominent effect of this retrograde is that it has the potential to help us overcome our negative and unhealthy habits. It will help to put an end to them. It will also make you more expressive when it comes to revealing your emotional side.

Uranus retrograde cycle lasts for 155 days each year as it moves 4-degrees backwards. Along with this movement, it brings about inner changes in us. These inner changes will be as a response to any external change.

You might have been someone who tried a lot to change certain things in your life but failed repeatedly. Don’t worry for Uranus is here for you. Here is how the Uranus retrograde can bring about positive changes in your life.

The energies of this retrograde tend to induce some internal changes in your attitude or behavior, which are the stepping stones for a complete transformation. Soon enough, you will manifest these external changes as you desire.

The retrograde energy brings you personal freedom through these changes – a feeling that will last even when Uranus goes back to direct motion.

For the ones who have been rather rebellious in the attempts to bring about change, Uranus will now guide you to self-awareness and help you correct your ways. This will lead to internal calm which will facilitate those changes. So, you can bid your chaotic ways goodbye.

The year is coming to an end soon and so is the retrograde. This is a time for reflection and appreciation. Our love life would receive a happy boost if we accept the changes necessary.

Things might get weird at the end of the year but take this time to organize your thoughts and intentions. Prioritize the right things and don’t be shy to follow your passions. It’s time for self-reflection and relaxation.

The Uranus retrograde offers some great positive impact for all of us and we must be able to make the most of it. Changes will be happening soon so be prepared. When the new year ushers in new connections, be ready to embrace them all.

Have a happy and safe retrograde!

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