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Tonight’s Aquarius New Moon Is The Most Potent New Moon Of The Year

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by Conscious Reminder

For those who have been eager to have their slates cleaned by the cosmos, there is no longer a need to wait.

The Aquarius new moon is taking place on Feb 1. And it will give us a chance to start afresh, collectively and personally. This lunation also marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year – the actual New Year for practitioners of Chinese astrology.

Expert astrologers describe this lunation as the energy needed right now. It is a rare third lunation in January. Moreover, it is also the month’s 2nd new moon, called a black moon, which is even rarer.

As such the lunation has potential energy that will aid us in abandoning the past while embracing the future confidently. A new moon is usually a harbinger of new starts. This one is going to be especially filled with the energy to change the world that is optimistic and forward-moving.

The True Self And Innovation

The New Moon will drive us to display our authenticity and independence during this period. This is the time to question ourselves about what we need to be comfortable with our truest selves. Think of the sides of yourselves that you consider awkward or weird. Then, think of ways how you can incorporate this side more into your daily life.

Once every part of you is a part of your armor, you will have much more conviction, courage, and bravery when it comes to acting for the greater collective. The propelling energy during this lunation is not just being ourselves but also embracing ourselves.

This week, brainstorming and socializing will top our desires. Progressive changes can take place now. Furthermore, the abundant nature of the energy of Aquarius should be used to think larger. Experts agree that this is the period for some out-of-the-box thinking.

Aquarius usually generates new visions, ideas, and methods of approaching issues. This period is for taking inspiration from the future and coming up with better cutting-edge ideas and solutions. So get ready for an innovation and inspiration rush to flow through you right now. Try not to let these moments slip from your hands.

Finishing Off Last Year’s Agenda

This lunation will also be a time for looking back. The New Moon will be setting off the square between Saturn and Uranus which was one of 2021’s astrological highlights.

This will be an emotional return to the dates Dec 24, 2021, June 24, 2021, and Feb 17, 2021. We will have a better assessment of situations that took place back then. Then we can decide how we should look at existing relationships.

Moreover, this lunation will offer a great second chance for those considerable changes we wished to but could not make happen last year. The influence of Uranus will help us leave behind the past and Saturn will guide us towards building a fresh foundation.

The lunation will be having a particularly harmonious effect on Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini zodiacs.

Due to Aquarius’s spirit being socially-oriented and humanitarian, these signs will have an irresistible urge to help out their community, or society, in some form. Do not let it pass. You will be helping yourself when you help the world.

Finally, take the time to remember your resolutions for 2022. Think of what has not yet started and what else you seek to achieve. Take this time to start making them a reality.

This lunation will be a reminder that our actions, emotions, and thoughts give us a surrounding electromagnetic field and our own constantly-emitted frequency. This energy often speaks for us before we do. So try to figure out the things it is saying.

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