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Mercury Retrograde Is Over On August 19th: It’s Time To Move Forward

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by Conscious Reminder

The previous Mercury Retrograde has led to a complete change in our surroundings and human behavior in general.

So, while it is about to transform into direct, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things would change in the blink of an eye, and every past incident, would be forgotten in an instant.

But, before it makes you fret, there is a way to ensure that the change that is about to come is beneficial to your survival, and doesn’t affect you in a bad way.

Mercury Retrograde affects humans in a way that is unprecedented and unpredicted, and it baffles us in ways that we don’t understand, and while Mercury will go into direct, the after effects would still be haunting us, until we fix ourselves strictly into the ground, for this transitional period would overpower the energies of humans alike. This state of ennui, would soon leave, but only if we know how to stay grounded.

Mercury is the messenger of the Roman gods, so naturally, when it finally gets stable, communication between humans would also improve.

Therefore, all the bad blood that was between you, and other people, would finally exterminate itself, and normalcy would return back to this world.

It shouldn’t be forgotten though, that the change isn’t swift, and it would take everyone some time to get adapted to it.

When Mercury was in its retrograde, human emotions were hesitant, and unsure. But when it is going to turn direct, humans would be able to take and make decisions very quickly, without hesitating or second-guessing every move.

It could be simply said, that Mercury being direct, would lead to the end of all indecision.

What is required is patience, and common sense. One needs to hold their own during this period, when emotions are highly charged. One needs to stop hesitating, and start working. Every plan that was derailed, needs to be worked upon now.

The trick is to meditate everyday, for that releases all the negative energy that is inside us, and helps us be calm, cool, and composed, while we are battling the unfurling changes.

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