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by Conscious Reminder

We cannot give love to others, if we don’t find it first in ourselves. Rumi once said- ‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’

In other words, we need to clear out all the rocks, the bricks, and the branches of the programs and waste that with time started accumulating around it. We smothered the divine Love we carry in ourselves and we created the illusion that we should look for it somewhere else.

We can’t actually feel that unconditional love if we can’t remember our primordial beginning that lie in the Silence.
Imagine the Sun says, “I love you”. Who would it be saying ‘I love you’ to? There is only the limitless space surrounding it; nothing else but the darkness of the universe where the Sun has been peacefully floating for eons. So whom is the Sun saying these words to? To the only thing present, of course; to its glow, its Being, to the divine nature that it has doubtlessly surrendered itself to.

So, why don’t we let our imagination run wild? Let’s try and imagine what that ‘I love you’ is doing at that moment. It has nothing else to do but set everything possible in motion, bringing the very essence of the Sun from the deepest points of its core up to the surface where it transforms the violent explosions into beautiful light, heat and energy that illuminate the universe. It heats the Earth too; it creates life, providing us with everything we know. So what is it that inspires creation of life in me, in you, in everything? It’s the light that creates life, its Love, its craving for existence, for reaching the farthest corners of its uniqueness. Life is Light and Vibration. There is nothing else there!
Obviously, ‘I Love You’ is the Creator, the Divine intention to grow and spread into the Infinity.

When you say ‘I Love You’ you allow your Light to spring from your core and travel in all directions towards its Creator, and that’s You.
This is actually the “I love you” that you project to others! This is your shine on them, in them! You give them life; warm them with love and kindness. Therefore, don’t look for love in others as you will only find it within yourself. We reflect love on the world, on other people, on everything we lay our eyes on. We then recognize that glow like ours and interpret it as Love.

So, the Love we yearn for is an interpretation of the ineffable in us, the abundance that has no end. Isn’t it ironic: we suffer voraciously for crumbs, for that morning mist which illuminates the world, while the Sun sits in us, eagerly wishing to travel the universe.

Let’s surround ourselves with our own Love, it is the only way out of the enslaving program. There is nothing else we can do, because if we dim our light we won’t be able to illuminate the happiness, peace, joy, health, and life that we desire so much … We only get to aimlessly wander in the dark and hope that one day we will stumble upon these qualities of life.

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