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4 Ways Of Doing Meditation That Can Be Quite Fun And Refreshing

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by Conscious Reminder

Meditation is not easy, and it can take quite a few tries before you get it right. And even when you do it might not feel like what you have imagined.

But the necessity of meditation is much more vital now than ever before. So here we have 4 alternative ways from the traditional meditation, which could be practiced for 30 minutes a day or more. And they are quite fun too; check them out-of-town:


Being Spiritual has nothing to do with being religious. All we need is faith. It might be any higher power we believe in. Spiritual meditation is as simple as taking out 15-30 minutes to just sit, relax and focus on the higher power that you believe in. Focusing on the things you want, so that you can put your faith at work as well as become more aware of the opportunities presented to you.


This type of meditation is great for those who are fans of the outdoors. You just need to sit in a relaxed position, out in the open, in the midst of greenery. Now focus on one single thing, it could be the rustle of the leaves or a particular blade of grass or anything that instills a sense of calm in you. This is very powerful and can be more potent than a 3 hour sleep.


This is a great way to refresh your brain and reboot your thoughts. You just need to focus on your movements for 15-20 minutes. Move your arms, your legs or any part of your body, in any rhythm that you like and focus solely on this movement. You will be rewarded with a fresh and rejuvenated mind.


Guided Meditation is going to be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. You just have to lose all skepticism and just listen to the voice in your head and do as it says. It will take a lot of practice but soon you’d be able to tap into your subconscious which would act as your guide and help you solve mysteries which you thought were impossible.

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