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7 Things That People With High Emotional Intelligence Do Differently

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We all know about IQ, but have you ever heard of EQ? What do you know about Emotional Intelligence?

It is the uncanny ability to understand, comprehend and feel the emotions of other people around you. It is rare to come across people who are emotionally intelligent but these people are excellent at understanding the world around them; so obviously they are great for the world.

If you want to know whether you are emotionally intelligent or not, here are seven things that only emotionally intelligent people do:

1. Purpose:

Yes, an emotionally intelligent person realizes that they have a higher purpose to serve in the larger scheme of things. They don’t want to live a life without goals and ambitions because they believe that they are meant to continuously be involved in creating some kind of value in this world. Thus, they easily define their purpose and abide by whatever is required to achieve their purpose; they feel that they are doing everything for the world.

2. They know themselves:

They know the minutest things about themselves and this is exactly why they are able to understand the world better. Knowledge about their needs makes them aware about the situation of other people around them. They are absolutely comfortable in their own skin and they know that they have to value themselves; then only will the world begin to value them. So, they respect themselves and judge themselves as well.

3.Empathy is their weapon:

They are very empathetic towards everyone that is around them. They can easily understand what the people around them are going through. After understanding, they try their best to help the people around them; as much as they can. So, empathy is their secret weapon. Mind you, this empathy isn’t limited only for humans; they have extreme empathy for animals and plants and nature in general.

4. They are curious about the world around them:

They have a desire to know everything that is happening around them. At any given point, they want to know the maximum that they can. This is because of their extremely curious nature and their ability to keep asking questions. They just want to know it all!

5. They manage change easily:

As human beings, we aren’t able to handle changes around us that easily. We somehow want things to always remain the same because we believe in comfort. We hate to be in any uncomfortable situations but people with high emotional intelligence understand that uncomfortable situations will make them even better than what they are. Therefore, they accept change and learn to grow with the changes that are happening around them.

6. They know how to balance things:

Well, life can be tough for a highly emotional intelligent person. They may be engaged in solving people’s problems and understanding the complexities of the world at the same time. But what they know for a fact is that if they have to ‘have-it-all’; they have to learn to balance things that are happening around them. Therefore, they know how to take time out for themselves; more so, they understand the importance of time spent in solitude. It really helps them recuperate.

7. They don’t run after perfection:

They are aware of the fact that perfection is a myth. How much ever, we may like things to be absolutely perfect; that is not possible because we are all humans and we are bound to have our set of flaws. So flaws don’t matter much to the highly emotionally intelligent people. Though they try to work on their own flaws and flaws of the world; yet they are aware that there is a limit to how perfect things can be.

So, are you an emotionally intelligent person? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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