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The Sagittarius New Moon Is Bringing Changes In Every Zodiac’s Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

26th November will be hosting a New Moon in Sagittarius and it is all about new and adventurous energy now.

The Jupiter/Uranus alignment might bring great surprises and opportunities. But the Mars/Uranus conflict during this time will result in unforeseen obstacles. Stay open and flexible to avoid conflicts.

With the cuffing season almost here, all the single peeps are looking for people to cuddle with. And the committed ones don’t mind heating things up! Well, the Sagittarius New Moon is here to help you do just that.

Here what the last New Moon of Fall 2019 has in store for you love life, based on your zodiac:


You will be feeling an intense want for something new. With the blessing of the Sagittarius New Moon, you will be meeting someone rather exotic and different. But for that to happen, you have to be open to challenges and growth.


Taureans during this Moon will be focusing on the aspect of balance in their relationship. The ones who have been feeling an imbalance might even break off the relationship now. But don’t forget, a New Moon is the time for new beginnings so be focused on your own needs.


Geminis who have been waiting for a long-term commitment will find the much-needed motivation during this Sagittarius Moon now. Be it an engagement or finally getting hitched, this is the time for you! And the committed ones must focus on being honest which will bring you two closer.


You have been rather focused on work for some time now. This Sagittarius New Moon will make you think of bringing in better work-life balance. This will help you create some time for romance.


As passion and creativity guide you during this New Moon, you are more than ready to begin a new romantic journey! The committed ones will be strengthening their relationships further while the single ones must go out and look for their perfect match.


The Moon will be focussing on your personal stability (or its lack). So instead of starting something new, take some time off to care for yourself. Self-love is what you require first.


Your communication skills will be at an all-time high now. The days following the New Moon will be the best time to write that heartfelt message you have been thinking about. You can even create your own fantasy world and your potential partner will be just as enchanted. The committed ones can send a loving letter to their SO and see their bond grow.


Don’t scare people away with your interrogation! You operate on a more intense level than most and it might come out rather strongly during the Sagittarius New Moon. Don’t treat people like possessions, respect them. Why not engage in a conversation with your SO regarding your values and morals? They might have something valuable to say.


Although rising in your own sign, the New Moon doesn’t have too many good news for your love life, Saggis! Rather you can utilize this time to set new intentions. Think of how you would like to spend 2020 with respect to your love life. Unless you know what you want, how can the Universe fulfill your wishes?


The New Moon will make you reflect on your past relationship(s). Think of the things that worked and the ones that didn’t. What wounds are you still carrying from them? If you don’t heal yourself, how can you be happy in your present relationship? You should not bleed on the one who did not wound you. Heal yourself and things will be better soon.


The Sagittarius New Moon will be rather generous with you this week. You will be out enjoying with your SO at events and parties. The single ones can take the help of their friends to meet someone new. Or why not ask out your crush? Stay open, great opportunities are headed your way.


You have been very hard-working for quite some time now and the New Moon is bringing you rewards. As you prepare for a level up, seek a partner who will be in tune with your ambitions. A strategic match now can complete your power couple goal and both of you can scale greater heights together!

The Sagittarius New Moon is making us focus on ourselves and our romantic life. This is the time to prepare for the cold winter. So make sure you have someone to hold hands with.

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