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Every Part Of You, Is A Part Of The Divine

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There is no certain part of us which is separated from our divine. Every one of us is a part of one whole; however, being a part is not making us ‘less than’ the whole.

We are like those cells in our body which create the organs. Our liver will not say that it is better than every insignificant small cell in our body, but it is grateful, as well as appreciative.

In this same way, every perspective and experience we have as individuals is not something less than the experience we have as divinity. Simply said, they are fractals of that experience, a game within another game which permits us as a limitless awareness to experience itself, as well as play with it in different ways.

Regardless of what we experience, and what comes on our way in life, we are simply perfect as we are. Seeing ourselves perfect, as well as accepting ourselves, regardless of the emotions and feelings which arise, we align with our divinity’s truth.

A fundamental thing would be to realize that no choice or experience, or also a way of being is wrong or right, bad or good. Simply said, there are preferences, and there can also be right choices for us.

Every single moment, the definition of that thing changes, as we actually expand, and there appear more possibilities, as well as more choices in front of us.

We will also have the ability to see some parts of us which were lost for a long period of time. Also, we will observe and experience all those games which those different parts played, getting the possibility to move forward, as well as choosing our preferred reality.

We will also have the chance to close out the games we want, complete some of them, or even chose the ones we would like to play in the future.

With the coming up of emotions, we will have the chance to lose ourselves in each of them, as well as tell our Universe that we would like to identify and experience them. Moreover, if we want to, we will have the chance to observe them while they come. We will have the ability to talk to them for a longer time, also thank them for the purpose they had in our life, and after that let them finally go.

Coming to wholeness, we will have the chance to make new and different choices, or utilize the energies and also value points used to energize the games.

We are living these lives which are all about discovering preferences, and after that committing to such choices. Life is all about discovering our passions towards something, or what brings us happiness and gives us purpose, and after that taking responsibility for our happiness and passion, committing to mastery and so on.

With having the chance to choose, we also have great support in having the ability to connect with and even access the infiniteness which is outside of time and space, and in the same time, we will also live like a human being on our planet. Suffering age, the one that comes just as a result of not truly remembering who we really are will be over when we would like that to happen.

Everything it actually takes is commitment and choice, so our Universe is going to support us in making our dreams become a reality regardless of what they are.

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