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Libra Blue Moon Rising On 31st March 2018: Get Ready For A Challenging Period

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by Conscious Reminder

For a second time, we are going to be seeing a full moon this month and it is going to be a blue. It has immense astrological significance.

With Mercury going in retrograde, it is going to be more difficult for us to analyze our emotions and even more so for us to talk about them. And since Saturn is squaring the Full Moon, combined with Mercury is causes dark thoughts, unhappiness and isolation. It is important to protect yourself from this moon’s energy. The challenge the moon presents will help you grow and develop.

What does a Full Moon mean?

When the Sun lies directly opposite the moon, we can see a Full Moon. It represents the opposite energies that influence all of us. All your connections with people are highlighted in this period and sometimes conflict in inevitable.  Lunar energy heightens our feelings and our instinctive abilities. We can view our relationships objectively and work on any issue that might crop up. Also, the ambitions you set during the New Moon that occurred on 17th March will finally reach fulfillment.

What does a Blue Moon signify?

In astronomy, a Blue Moon occurs when the same month has two full moons. They usually come once in two and a half years. It signifies unhappiness and isolation. You’ll find songs named after blue moons and almost all of them are about heartbreak.

Astrological significance of the upcoming Blue Moon

The upcoming Blue Moon is aligned two the Vindemiatrix Star and the Porrima Star, both of which rest in Virgo. The former represents falsehoods, dishonor, theft and widowhood. It can make you terrified that you will lose your lover. The latter represents courtesy, refinement, love and prophecy. Both signify financial woes, conflict in the household and illness.

It is important to set aside any worries you might have about the death of someone you love. Thoughts have energy and can become reality. The moment you notice these thoughts cropping up, focus on happier memories or even just on work. Take this chance to sort out your worries and let them go. Turn any negativity into positivity.

The aspects of the upcoming Blue Moon

Mercury’s reversal foretells miscommunication and problems for travelers. It’s connect to Venus makes us all concentrate on issues of the heart. With breakdowns in communication, take care that you don’t start conflicts with your partner.

The Moon opposing Mercury can confuse you and makes it hard for you to understand your own emotions. Even issues you’ve faced before can seem difficult. Take some time out to just sort out your own mind and find someone to talk to.

Mars combining with Saturn tends to bring our cravings that are usually buried deep and it makes you resent people and seek vengeance. Try to hold on to your rationality and do not enter into a conflict at this moment.

The Moon squaring Mars also digs up old grudges so stay away from any situation that might cause you to lose control. Try to find productive outlets for your rage. Be brave and don’t lose your calm if someone threatens you.

Mercury squaring Mars can make you impulsive and irritable. It will be easy to make rash choices which will lead to fights. Think about what you want to say and concentrate on work that you are passionate about.

The Moon squaring Saturn makes a lot of interactions meaningless. You will being to feel isolated, guilty and ashamed as memories of old wrong doings are brought to the surface. Don’t blame others for this.

Mercury squaring Saturn also leads to miscommunication and negativity. Don’t take things at face value and think twice about everything you say.

In conclusion, the upcoming blue moon represents quite a challenge for all of us. But we can take it in a positive light and work on the issues that are brought to the surface and find creative solutions. Do not be too scared to ask for help at this time.

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