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Easter’s Blue Moon Is The Last One Until 2020 — Time To Cut The Negative Ties

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon coming at the end of this month is going to be an eventful one and nothing will be able to stop it. The change will be gradual but powerful and different energies will begin to influence different aspects of our lives. 

The second full moon in a month is also called a Blue moon, but Blue moon’s are not blue, they are just quite rare as the saying goes “once in a blue moon”.

The second blue moon of the year is expected to rise on Saturday, March 31 after the first one on January 31 was dubbed the “Super Blue Blood Moon”

There is no point looking for diplomatic skills, passivity, graceful manners, or even just the right words. The power of Libra working on this Full Moon will let you be nothing but direct. It will bring every repressed feeling to the surface and make it rise to its peak.

Nothing short of an answer or some tangible change will be enough. Just like how a conductor controls an orchestra with mere hand movements, this moon controls us.Of course, you don’t have to do it all in one go. It is okay to take matters in hand step by step, even tiny steps will do.

At the moment, tiny steps may be all that you are able to take. You will keep growing and developing till you become a master of your own path. Whatever happens in this moment will stay with us for a long time!

With the influence of Aries and Libra, this Full Moon will be a time when all our relationships will seem clearer to us. Life cannot go on as it has always done. New found knowledge will force you to take action.

The combination of Mars and Saturn will bring well thought out action. You cannot remain still because of their influence on your feelings and you intelligence. Things will have to change. You will find a lot of encouragement to take new steps and major changes will happen even while you’re wondering what to do.

The fact that the planets are joining now signifies that the time is ripe. Your heart is aware of your true desires and it is trying to tell you what they are and you only need to listen. Venus is flowing with Mars and since it controls finances, creative thinking, and your connection with others, Mars helps by creating the action needed.

It’s important to work on things gradually because Mercury going in retrograde and combining with the Sun can lead to a lot of miscommunication resulting in arguments and conflict. You might find yourself speaking without thinking and going ahead even when you know you are not in the right. However, you might also end up speaking the truth and sparking a larger movement than you thought you could.

This is not the time to sugar coat things. The emotions brought up to the surface in this period will expose the truth of things and will drive you to take actions that will affect you for a long time to come after this.

You will find yourself cutting off relationships that affect you negatively and actively working towards creating relationships that matters. You will move as your heat dictates and find things that will stay with you forever.

The next blue moon after this weekend is expected to occur on Halloween night in 2020.

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