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The Healing Powers Of Mother Nature

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by Conscious Reminder

For a long time, people were interested about the healing abilities of Mother Nature.

Maybe not so famous, the person named Henry David Thoreau has spent about two years sheltered in the forests in Massachusetts, while he wrote Walden, which is a classic meditation about life, as well as nature.

In the year 1845, Henry senses that the woods, or some other setting outside, have the ability to quite our minds, as well as improve our health. Later, after a century and a half or more, there are a lot of studies about the healing abilities of nature which support Thoreau’s claiming.

Ecopsychology, which is the study that explores the connection between the world of nature and the world of humans, is a continuous growing branch of science, and some studies even show spending some time outdoors, in the nature, can actually reduce stress, as well as improve our overall emotions and feelings of happiness and wellbeing, raise the levels of energy and increase the ability of carrying.

What are the healing powers and benefits of nature?

1. It can improve our mood.

Spending some time outdoors under the warm and sunny day will be an excellent way of bringing a smile on our face, and there is always a reason behind that. The light of the sun provides us with energizing, as well as nourishing vitamin D that was proved to improve the mood, calm the nervous system and enhance problems like SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Despite this, the D vitamin promotes absorption of calcium in our body, and when we get the needed amount, the possibility of hypertension risk is going to be minimized. Also, we can prevent cancer, as well as some autoimmune disease.

2. Keeping you in the now.

When you unplug from your everyday life, and you get outdoors, you will be more focused on the present. When you connect with nature, it is going to encourage you live in the now, to shut up your mind, as well as take the vision, sounds, and also smells around you, and which may not be noticed for a while. One of the necessary forms of meditation is to bring attention in the present, instead of thinking about the past and worry for the future, can, in fact, reduce anxiety and stress.

3. It fills you with energy.

While for you a double espresso is the solution to your sleepiness, some discoveries suggest that it would be better for you to take a small walk in nature. A few studies which are published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology have revealed that those that spend time in nature for 20 minutes only, during the entire day, will experience increased levels of energy, as well as better mood than people that are not exposed to nature.

4. You will become a kinder person.

According to a study by the University of Rochester, when we are nature-exposed, we feel more socially conscious, as well as generous, and even more related to its community. Also when we just look at some pictures of nature, we can reinforce our feelings of relationship with some other things that are alive, which will, in turn, remind us of the primary values such as caring and generosity.

5. It will make your spirituality stronger.

In fact, there is going to be a profound spiritual part of you which will connect you with nature, and in that way, it will also provide you with some even stronger feeling of yourself. Every one of us can probably be a part of some Universe which is bigger than we can even imagine, but it does not have to mean that there is no freedom in the new environment for us. We also have to reconnect with doing simple things, such as walking without shoes in the woods or dipping our toes in the wild waters.

How can we get our portion of nature on a daily basis?

When you decide against introducing more and more natural in your life will be the first phase to reap the powers of healing of it.

For example, you can spend some time planting the garden, or you can just relax in the backyard. Try to leave your tablet, phone, or your book inside your house and focus mainly on smells, textures, sound or sights around you – the scent of the roses, the wind blowing in your face, and birds chirping on the trees. When you have to return to your work, you should remember that life managing can also be done outdoors – for instance, you can pay bills from the patio.

When you are exercising, also make sure that it is outside. For example, do yoga each morning in the nearest part, or walk in nature instead of using a treadmill. You have to nourish the body and soul by going outdoors at the time of a lunch hour from work or dinner with your family.

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