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For Those Who Can’t Hear Spiritual Guidance

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by Yvonne Perry

So many people tell me they are struggling to hear God or stay in touch with their guides.

They feel as if they have been dropped off on this planet and abandoned.  They cry out to their soul family, but it feels like no one is listening. They just want to go home.

The matrix or etheric web that was cast about this carbon-based reality prevents us from remembering who we are and where we came from. This “forgetfulness” imposed upon humans by dark forces impairs our ability to stand in our power and do our mission. It also keeps souls from leaving and going home after the body dies.

According to personal beliefs held at the time of death, souls get stuck at some level in the Earthplane (4th dimensional reality) and wait to reincarnate and do it all over again–without having the benefit of remembering the past lives that affect this current one.That’s why starseeds have walked in to help. That’s why children are coming in spiritually aware and awakened to their mission.

We are gatekeepers that have broken through the partition enough to work with portals to other dimensions that allow souls to leave the karmic wheel and return home to the light realms. We lightworkers have more conscious memory of  who we are and why we are here.

We can access higher planes of information and connect with benevolent light beings who provide help with lifting the veil. We help others remember. We anchor codes to assist with breaking the matrix and bringing forth a new reality of freedom.

“Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden” is a video that states how some weary souls feel as things are shifting to bring us out of the realm of recycled suffering. It touched my heart so I share it with you with the reminder that we are here for a reason. We are shattering the old paradigm and bringing freedom to the entire race of humans on this planet.

Be patient and don’t give up. Cry your tears, but then get back up and move forward valiantly. We are in this together.

About the Author: Yvonne Perry is a metaphysical author, light language practitioner, workshop facilitator, and shaman-ka who helps people shift into their most loving authentic selves. She does this through healing sound therapy and her books, prayers, seminars, coaching, and spiritual services. Connect with Yvonne online:  Google+ | Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest

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