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Humans And The Universe: The Connection

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by Conscious Reminder

We have more in common with the universe than we let on, as was found by several psychoanalysts from France and Canada.

According to their findings, the first equation was the composition of entropy in the universe as it constantly shifted and changed. There are possibly a billion combinations in which the universe has shifted, and most of it leads to entropy.

To put it simply, entropy is the shift of a system from order to disorder. This could be anything- the rusting of an iron nail, the rotting of fruits, literally anything that shifts and changes its properties.

The laws of thermodynamic agree on a principle, which determine the static of entropy in a particular object, and the findings which are combined with the universe state it to be highly entropic, as it reaches the Big Bang.

Also, it is an axiom that a body at a level of high entropy can never go back to a level of low entropy, unless there is an outside force acting upon it.

But when they brought the same laws to determine human consciousness, they found out that human consciousness, or the position at which human beings are wide awake and analyzing, processing and distributing information, results due to high levels of entropy.

The test study was conducted on 9 individuals, 7 of them suffering from epilepsy. The firing of neurons due to seizures, and the amount of neurons discharged on the normal humans being conscious were vastly different too.

The epileptic person had higher levels of entropy, while the human consciousness held the medium level, with the unconscious human coming in last.

Even though this is a big step in finding out how close the human brain emulates the universe, the test was conducted on a small fraction of participants, and no findings can be considered absolute, until it has been adjudicated to be perfect by a large number of the population.

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