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December 2022: The Power Of 9 And End Of Year Numerology

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by Conscious Reminder

The month’s number is 9, similar to that of March. However, there is a vital difference.

March’s 9 represented a freshness following the conclusion of a past cycle and the starting of a new one. As such, it brought about the lightness and joy that are characteristic of spring.

In December, the Holiday season is about freshness and lightness rather than the weather. Moreover, an important factor that makes December different is that it marks the year’s closing. The last few days always carry an emotional charge with them.

Numerologically, 9 stands for the butterfly that is emerging from her chrysalis. This archetype stands for the metamorphosis and transmutation starting from the inside. It inspires change and a new Soul Journey phase. As December is the final month, 9 also means renewal, cleaning, and self-transformation.

Our hearts have the power to be happy and fly. However, for that, we must let our attachments go along with the guilt and sorrows weighing us down.

Exiting The Chrysalis

Symbolically, at present, we are still a caterpillar, admiring and dreaming about the butterfly. Whatever your feelings may be, your potential to soar is the same as the butterflies. Just let the change happen from within.

For that, we can take help from the frequencies associated with the number 12. Historically, many traditions, religions, and cultures have seen 12 as significant. By nature, 12 spells out Trinity’s manifestation across the Horizon’s four corners.

In the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, 12 songs are summarized, representing the Zodiac. In ancient Egypt, Thoth’s Emerald tablets contain 12 important propositions. For Sanskrit, there are 12 names for the Sun – each to be recited in the form of mantras. In the tradition of the Jews, Jacob’s 12 sons founded Israel’s 12 tribes – forming their society’s pillars.

December 2022’s Individual Numerology Prediction

The following is a short forecast depending on your monthly personal frequency:

Number 1

The period is calling for a fresh start. Energy is bursting out of you, and the surrounding world is accepting of new ideas. So, get out of bed a bit earlier and chase down your goals. December is when you should plant seeds that will germinate during winter.

Number 2:

Planting is done, so you must keep watering. After all, the seeds won’t sprout without water. This is when you should work hard. Build up the partnerships you need to nurture the projects. Your keywords will be cooperation and patience.

Number 3:

It’s just sprouting so rejoice! December is when you celebrate the progress, no matter how much, and let yourself go to parties, new horizons, and new opportunities. Enjoy a bit because it is deserved.

Number 4:

The Seeds have become proper plants, but they are not fully grown yet. As such, there still exists threats and pests have grown alongside the seeds. So take this month to organize. Give priority to the things that have promising futures and provide you with strength.

Number 5:

Almost everything is getting along nicely, almost. The other things are simply not in your control, so be ready. There can be thunderstorms, such as unforeseen, unplanned changes and events. Try to be adaptable, versatile, and malleable.

Number 6:

Your plants have become beautiful, grown, and flowering. Enjoy their natural harmony and beauty. In December, pay attention to your, your home’s, and your relationship’s appearance and health. The air is abuzz with love and family.

Number 7:

You have reflected on all your past couple of months’ achievements. December is the month for self-reflection. You deserve some alone time to rest.

Number 8:

The cycle’s end is a time for celebration. You have worked hard all through the year, and there is a lot to harvest. This is when you enjoy all the material returns of your previous eight months’ efforts.

Number 9:

The phase for clearing has begun. Everything has been beautiful, but it is in the past now. The harvest has ended. You must now clear the soil for fresh seeds. Be grateful for the past cycle and dispose of everything that did not help.

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