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November Astrology Through Dates: Subtle Positivity All Around!

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by Conscious Reminder

2019 is coming to a close soon but there are still 2 busy months to go by. Planets that have been long in Retrograde motion will be turning Direct and the cosmos has enough events planned for us.

Most of these will be blessing us with positivity, optimism, and abundance. But that also means things will be moving faster than we anticipated.

As the spooky season continues, here’s what November will have in store for you:

1st-9th November

The month starts with the Sun still in Scorpio and this will continue for the first half of the month. But as Venus shifts into Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, we will be receiving a huge boost of Sagi energy. 5-6th November will witness the squaring of Mars with Pluto.

Both planets rule Scorpio so together the effect will be quite intense. Prepare to receive some confrontational news or recurring feelings of anger during the days before, during, and after the square.

You could be revisiting events from the latest New Moon in Scorpio or from February 2019. Remember not to jump to conclusions before you have all the information and try to stay calm at all times.

10th-19th November

November 11th is numerologically important with the code 1111 turning up. Higher vibrations, healing, and ascension to higher consciousness levels are associated with this angel number.

Not just 11th Nov, the first 10 days of this month carry angel numbers too: 111(1st Nov), 211(2nd Nov), 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811, 911, and 1011. These numbers help us contact our spirit guides/guardian angels more easily. Intuition is heightened and we are more susceptible to receiving cosmic vibrations.

11th November also sees the Retrograde Mercury aligning with the Sun signifying the rebirth of the planet. The next day hosts a Full Moon in Taurus. The energy will help us manifest our dreams and goals into reality.

The Full Moon will bless us with abundance. Projects may come to fruition during this time or awards will be received for hard work. This is the time to reap all you have sown throughout the year.

19th-24th November will witness a very rare and powerful event as Jupiter will be moving across the Galactic Center. This supercharged point will be amplifying Jupiter’s energy which will be fueling the surcharge of abundance in our lives. The next transit will be 12 years later so focus all the positive energy from this event for your spiritual development.

20th-30th November

Mercury ends its Retrograde motion and turns Direct on 20th November. New openings or awakenings are in store in regards to travel, technology, and communication. The positive vibes from the Jupiter transit will continue for the rest of the month.

Magical and creative energy will burst through on the 24th as Venus aligns with Jupiter in Sagittarius just as Jupiter will be above the Galactic Center. Romance and optimism will push us forward.

A Sagittarius New Moon is there on the 26th- the last New Moon before the Eclipse season starts. This would be a great time to revisit the lessons, themes, and patterns that have been working with us since the July Eclipse season.

The month will come to an end with Neptune turning direct in the sign of Pisces. It has been in Retrograde motion since 21st June so this long Retrograde comes to a halt on the 27th.

As the year comes to a close, more and more planets will be turning Direct. Things will be moving too fast and you will easily lose hold of things if you don’t get super organized soon. Hold on and enjoy the positive vibes!

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