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AFFIRMATIONS: The Most Important Thing Which Defines Whether Universe Will Provide You With The Things You Want Most

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Affirmations, primarily, should serve as a self-support mechanism. Something that will help us believe that we can do more and better; that not everything needs to stay the way it was until now, and that we can create our life as we like.

They’re really efficient as long as you believe in the words you’re saying. The problem here lies in the fact that verbalizing affirmations mechanically, when you actually don’t believe and feel them, is not enough.

I know that many people try to use affirmations, but, simply, deep down in their soul they don’t believe the words they are saying, so they don’t get the expected results.

The trick is not in the words, but in the feelings you are having at the moment when you’re thinking about the desired situation.

The emotions that you you are creating capture a moment in the present.

You know that affirmations are phrases that are always pronounced in present tense and in affirmative form. Why? Because with these sentences we address the present moment which confirms that the desired situation has already been realized here and now.

Affirmations in a verbal form are just the base; They simply facilitate the process of defining what we really want.

Let’s say that you dream about living in the nature. Repeating the affirmation ‘I live in nature here and now’ is useless if you are only saying it mechanically. You can repeat it a thousand times, but it won’t work until you develop the feelings that will add weight to those words.

How can we invoke feelings? The feelings that follow the situation we’re in, are something that most people ignore.

“A feeling” by itself is so complete that no phrase is good enough to describe it. Instead of saying a sentence, you can, for example, close your eyes and imagine that you are living in nature. Visualize your house, the environment. the people that you live with – one day in nature exactly the way you have always imagined it. What you’re seeing, is just the picture. What completes that image are the emotions that you are experiencing while you are visualizing this. Get into the story. You’re happy, you’re laughing, you are fulfilled, you’re enjoying the nature. Can you feel the joy?

The key to realizing your dream are the emotion that you’ve experienced while you’ve been visualizing the story. Feelings are actually what we long for. You can’t describe them. Can you put into words the feeling when you’re in love, or when you feel fulfilled and joyful? No, you can’t!

That’s why affirmations don’t work if they’re not backed up with feelings. They’re simply lifeless letters on paper.

Affirmations in a form of a sentence are basically unnecessary. Everything you need to do is invoke the emotions of what you wish for. You want a better job? No problem. Visualize yourself in the workplace you wanted so much and imagine the feelings you would have doing that job. Surround yourself with wonderful colleagues, a cooperative boss, an excellent working atmosphere, etc,.

Feel it, see yourself there.

What you just felt is a thousand times stronger than the written word.

That feeling is a moment – a second and infinity happening an the same time.

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