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How Lucid Dreams Help You Grow Spiritually

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by Conscious Reminder

Having lucid dreams can help you grow spiritually. This link exists because we are often sleeping even when we are awake.

When we learn to wake up in a dream, we are also learning to stay awake while we live our lives. This was initially understood through Tibetan Dream Yoga which has been around for more than a thousand years.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t already been practicing spirituality before you began this process of lucid dreaming. You will find yourself become closer to it as soon as you wake in your dreams. If you’ve already started practicing, the experience will be all the more wonderful.

Practicing lucidity in dreams can make you more aware that it is the same awareness that exists in dreams as well as in the waking world. When you are awake, you will be more focused and you will be able to experience the world in a more intense manner. You will also experience your dreams in the same way.

“Lucid Dreaming certainly makes you a more enlightened person. You learn to be in the present moment and to notice your surroundings and take in things without being sidetracked by random thoughts or the past or the future.” – Dr. Beverly D’Urso

Finding the right people

When you begin to have lucid dreams, you can begin practicing the skill of attracting the right people to you. You will learn all about the functioning of the Universe and this will teach you that you are reflected in everything around you, as well as the company you choose to keep. You might like to meet others while dreaming, or in the waking world, or to make your own personas. This works for everyone because it is easier to be happier if those around us are happy.

Searching for knowledge

While dreaming, look for the wisdom you need in order to become more aware. If you start searching while dreaming, you will continue to search in the waking world. You will learn how to be more observant and you will be better at interpreting and analyzing the meaning of everything you see. T

he same goes for those who manage to wake in the real world as well. They understand that they create their own environment so they try to understand the projections of the subconscious. This is how they develop their souls and manage true awakening.

Lucid dreaming is an important step in the path to true awakening. It allows you to be in a place where you are comfortable enough to make your own environment. Your ego is blocked out and isn’t allowed to interfere in this process of creation, an obstacle that many are hindered by. Not only does the ego block you, it will also trick you into believing that the ideas it whispers to you are coming from the heart.

When you are in a lucid dream, you are in a place where you have the freedom to grow in a manner that will help you find enlightenment in the waking world.

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