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Your July 2022 New Moon In Leo Horoscope Is Here

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by Conscious Reminder

The Leo Season has just begun, and this means the stages are set for a dazzling performance by the luminaries.

Taking place on July 28th, the upcoming new moon promises inspiration for chasing down all the passions we have. After all, the regal vibes of Leo are closely associated with taking in the spotlight’s warmth as much as possible as well as building inner strength.

Here is what your zodiac can expect during this bright and optimistic lunation:


It’s time to bring out your most creative self as the lunation will be fanning the flames of your passion. You may feel a need to do fun things while expressing yourselves. The lunar connection with Jupiter wants you to self-express beautifully and magnificently.


The place you call home should be nothing less than a royal bed chamber, particularly since you love luxury. The July New Moon will provide inspiration for doing some living space renovation that will be more suitable for self-expression.


You can finally let the social butterfly inside you fly into the sky. The upcoming lunation will be inspiring heartfelt and fresh connections with everyone around you. So feel free to strike up conversations or spend some time catching up with friends.


With luxurious Venus blessing your sign right now and the priority being yourself according to the July New Moon, this will be the best time to practice self-care. You deserve all the best things in the world so allow yourself to have them.


The dark moon’s lunar spotlight is going to be centrally on you so do take your rightful position. This will be a great time for focusing on self-image and embodying power in more tangible forms. Experiment with a few bold and fresh looks, perhaps.


Make some space in your schedule for a bit of downtime all by yourself during this lunation. This does not mean doing chores or sorting out other homely responsibilities. Treat it as a break from everything and perhaps jot down all the best intentions in your heart for the New Moon.  


The July New Moon will highlight how important you are to your communities. This is partly because of your special ability to balance and harmonize group settings. Let your leadership powers blossom among colleagues and other social groups.


The lunation will give great chances for shining professionally. So make sure to put on a show of your most dazzling talents and revel in the spotlight. This will also be a great time for finally making that fresh professional start or taking on a new role.


Your free spirit and adventurousness are on unprecedented levels. Get ready for new and exciting journeys, so be sure to listen to your heart and be affirmative to chances that make your soul alight.


Your growth should be the one and only focus right now. The approaching lunation can feel particularly personal. However, it is also preparing you to build necessary boundaries when it comes to relationships.


Take the time to check up and assess your most important relationships. Ensure everyone is receiving proper care, and that includes yourself. This is the time to put your desires at the forefront and ask your partners for what you need.


If work is feeling too tiring and stagnant, then make some changes to your schedule. Try to find some time to really let your hair down and your creativity shine. You deserve all the time needed to explore dreams, pursue passions, and get inspired.

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