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The Benefits Of 12 Strand DNA Activation

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

The molecule which is called DNA lies in every single cell in the body of humans. It is actually known like the blueprint of life, and it is a group of several instructions which the body utilized in order to create and build itself.

So, each molecule of DNA contains two strands which are connected together in a double helix structure. However, what people never knew is that there are twelve stands instead of the two which they know.

So, the additional ten strands are ethereal which means that they have spiritual nature so they cannot be detected physically. These ten additional strands are also not active, and they cannot affect the function of the DNA or even the creating of the physical form.

The benefits of 12 strand DNA activation.

Through such activation, we may actually bring the inactive strands of our DNA into complete working order. And, the benefits that it has are also enormous and excellent. Here, we will present you some of those benefits:

Physical benefits.

A lot of our physical problems from which we are suffering come as a result of the inactivity of the ethereal DNA. However, when it becomes active, we will start realizing how physically weak we were in the past.

The basic physical advantages and benefits of the 12 strand DNA activation actually lie the ethereal strands’ ability to boost the intake of nutrients. So, this is going to reduce our need of unhealthy foods, as well as increase the levels of energy and also general vitality.

After that, the cells will become superpowered, and the immunity will reach some new heights that were unbelievable for us prior to the activation.

We will also become immune to diseases and illnesses to the point of being immune to everything, as the body will take full control of the functions within it.
In fact, there are numerous additional benefits, which include heightened senses.

Below, you can read some of the most important benefits:

∼ Improvements in hearing;
∼ Decreased aging effects and increasing life expectancy;
∼ Toxins cleansing and increased levels of antioxidant;
∼ Improved physical activity and fitness, which includes weight loss and an increase in the mass of muscle;
∼ Improvements in metabolism;
∼ Improved digestion;
∼ Reduction of the need for unhealthy foods;
∼ An increase in the demand for healthy, as well as natural foods and also water;
∼ Improvements in the eyesight.

Emotional and mental benefits.

For people struggling with emotional and mental problems, the process of activation may be a quite unbelievable change for the better. So, we are going to experience improved mental wellbeing, as well as a drastic improvement in emotional maturity.

Here, the fundamental thing is control – before we fell as a pray to the emotions within us, and after activation, the mind will master itself completely.

Here are the key emotional and mental benefits:

∼ Increased self-esteem and self-confidence;
∼ Decreased anxiety and stress;
∼ Improvements in emotional maturity;
∼ Reduced impulsiveness;
∼ Healed emotional wounds from the past;
∼ Renewed compassion and kindness;
∼ Incredibly improved memory;
∼ Being able to recall dreams better.

Spiritual benefits.

The true 12 strand DNA activation benefits are on a spiritual level. Such benefits are fundamentally singular – becoming our greatest spiritual self. Moreover, we become aware of the mission we have in our lives and the aim that the soul holds in.

We also start transcending our physical and we start living like a human spiritual being. As our meditative practices will become effortless, we will have access to the psychic abilities which include the ability to notice auras, as well as communicating telepathically.

And, the most important thing is that we will become completely aware. The activation will make us superhuman. Also, all the power, potential and everything else is present in every cell in the body and tied up in the building blocks of life.

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Fernanda Febres-Cordero December 28, 2018 - 6:42 am

Do not mention how we can activate the DNA.

J January 27, 2019 - 2:33 am

Why didn’t you mention how to activate this particular DNA strain?

Debb March 13, 2019 - 9:37 am

You cannot awaken your own DNA thru the advice of another. You must seek this path of acquiring your divine birth rite by your own Will and intent. All others can do is inform people on what is there to be explored. Not reaching the goal thru outward influence which only cover the topic. Or offer advice from personal experience which will be futile in anything but aquiring the seeds which are unique in the growth process. To know the divine birth rites youve been given starts with inner connections. Then the otherworldly sources which have given humanity these dormant structures shall reveal thru inner self exploration. You must have a bond in knowing creator before you may understand the gifts bestowed in you by source. You must connect thru meditative practices or spiritual work to an understanding of free Will and its power. Sometimes the answer is simply granted by asking. If u do not understand who/what to present these questions for truth how will truth be logical? Free will is the key. Assertion of free will n intention is perhaps so easily expected to be difficult. The simplicity of solely asking becomes lost in the limitations of underestimating ones power. Lost in truly understanding FREE WILL. Ask and it shall be granted. So if u still haven’t connected with divine inner guidance then perhaps start there. You don’t try to drive a race car if u haven’t acquainted yourself first with the mechanical workings of that which you are trying to race.


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