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What It Really Means To Have Met Your Twin Soul?

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Having met your twin flame and then getting separated again can feel like the harshest punishment that a person is made to suffer.

I know because I have lived through it. I met my twin flame, it was as instantaneous and as natural as I always knew it would be, and then we had to part ways. For a few days, my world was completely wrecked.

You see, I didn’t think it was fair that I had all these obstacles between me and my twin flame. These physical boundaries put in place by the three dimensional illusion we call our world.

I had almost given up and that’s when it occurred to me, just like the obstacles which create the separation, the separation in itself is an illusion too.

You see nothing can separate me from my twin flame. We are one; we’ve always been one, through space and time. And that’s what made me grow stronger.

You see, when we encounter our twin and then get separated, we react in one of the following 3 ways:

Firstly, we become sad and dejected. So busy cursing the universe that we don’t realize the obvious truth staring us in our faces.

Or, we get so scared of the intensity that we try to run away from them further.

Or finally, you utilize the pain of your separation to first heal yourself and then the world.

After all, the twin flame connection has always been more about the spiritual aspect of it all rather than the physical.

We cannot use the definitions created in this 3D illusion to define what a twin flame really is, so how can we expect it to work in the way we expect (based on our conversation)?

The love which is experienced in a Twin Flame Relationship is unconditional. It is beyond anything we’ve seen or been taught.

When we understand this love, we can finally start to heal our old wounds and, grow beyond the perceptions of love and life which is anyways tainted by illusion; we have to connect with the essence of our being.

And in this way, fulfill the destiny the universe has set for us.

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