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Aquarius Full Moon On August 15th: Venus, Mars, & Relationship Troubles

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by Conscious Reminder

August 15 brings us a Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus is just opposite to it! The influence of Venus makes you grow fonder in love but if your relationship has some underlying tensions, they might blow out of proportions this Full Moon.

This August Full Moon could influence you into feelings of jealousy, anger, and intimidation, coupled with impulsive actions. To tackle the lingering influences of the July New Moon, you need to be patient and understanding for a few more days. Let’s see what this Full Moon has in store.

The Full Moon

As Sun opposes Moon, intimate relationships, as well as home and family,  come into focus this month. Opposing forces like work vs. home will create tension and pressure, leading to conflicts.

This Full Moon, utilize your intense intuition and emotional strength to tackle challenges in your love life. Subconscious awareness gives you the clarity of vision to take balanced decisions to nullify negative feelings.

August Full Moon 2019

The Full Moon on 15th August will be at 22° Aquarius and Venus will have the maximum influence on it. The loving influence of Venus turns challenging in its opposition to the Moon. Mars will sprinkle some anger while Pluto will bring in darker undertones of power imbalances.

Moon Vs Venus

The Sun in conjunction with Venus will direct your focus to finances and creativity. On its own, this conjunction is harmonious and affectionate and also benefits social and love lives. But the opposition with the Moon will bring financial pressures and tension in your relationship.

The Moon in opposition to Venus will intensify the need for affection irrespective of its consequences. If you are single, maintain your self-respect and don’t turn desperate for imperfect partners.

If your relationship is in trouble, try to avoid friction and conflict. The Full Moon will expose simmering tensions in healthy relationships so that you can successfully resolve them.

Take some alone time to work on your self-love. There might be urges to fulfill your emotional requirements via food or retail therapy but make sure they are in moderation.

Pluto And Mars

The Full Moon opposite of Mars will bring in mood swings. Mars could blow up your minor irritations, so control your anger. You can channel your aggressive instincts and impulsive energy into hard work. This is the time for compromises and when you consider the needs of those around you, you will be successful in your desires.

Sun Quincunx Pluto may bring about some major changes in your life. Neurotic behavior could be fuelled now by intense pressure forcing you to your tipping point.

In your relationships, try not to manipulate your partner as that could lead to conflicts. Try to reach a common ground together.

Venus Quincunx Pluto will bring in feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, and other complications. Steer clear of external affairs.

Your karma could bring someone in your life to create drama and then they will leave just as quickly. Be careful not to get into a relationship with controlling people.

The Fixed Stars

The Moon in conjunction with Nashira at 22° Aquarius will bring positive changes and success.

Venus and the Sun in conjunction with the fixed star Ras Elased Borealis at 21° Leo will bless you with powers of expression and artistic appreciation. But it can also turn you destructive and heartless.

Mars in conjunction with Alphard at 27° Leo could influence you into scandalous love affairs or even put you into serious accidents.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde during this Full Moon could cause unexpected changes in relationships. Be careful not to risk your relationship just because you are bored.

Your need for thrill during this time could lead you into investment or shopping. But control your impulses so that they do not cause you financial losses.

Uranus in conjunction with Hamal at 7° Taurus could make you sympathetic, easily influenced, and passionate. Love troubles and detrimental habits could be lingering.

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