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The Matrix Of The Ego/Mind/Identity And How It Is Created

by consciousreminder
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by RJ Spina
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

There has been an incalculable misuse of energy on the mentalization of the very nature, construct, purpose and entrapment of consciousness by the insidious and illusionary ego/mind/identity construct.

The tangible seeing and therefore deep understanding of this phenomena has proven to be as elusive as a mirage. The act of querying of just what is the ego/mind sets in motion an endless loop; a series of ceaseless, abstract questions that really only seem to at best momentarily gratify the desire ‘to know’ which is an empty, pointless, mental exercise in and of itself. True knowingness does not occur within the mind. If we are thinking in order to uncover the root of thought, one could say we are already in the wrong room.

What really is the ego/mind/identity? How does this total and temporary delusion/illusion get created, enforced, perpetuated and more importantly, how do we see it for what it is and subsequently transcend it? Oddly enough, everything I am going to share has nothing to do with my mind nor was it accessed by utilizing my mind.

One of the things waking up paralyzed from the chest down has gifted me is a return to clarity. Any filters or notions of identity were destroyed along with the total destruction of my body. I have completely healed myself because those filters have been removed and the mind has been transcended.

We must start at the moment of incarnation. The ego is formed ONLY when we incarnate and its perpetuation ceases upon the demise of the physical vehicle. It is a by-product or function of incarnating into a low frequency environment. We experience a lack of or total disconnect to our Higher Self, which is what we truly are. The Soul is a small piece of The Higher Self. The totality of the Higher Self can be experienced directly and personally through specific a meditation. For now, imagine a large blimp floating high in the sky. This blimp is far too big to float just above the surface of the Earth so for it to experience the earth’s terrain so instead it drops a cord all the way down to the surface of the earth and attached at the end of this cord is a balloon. Use this image as an analogy for the Higher Self (blimp) projecting a Soul (balloon) into physical reality. The entirety of the Higher Self is way too large to be housed by any single form factor within this low frequency environment so it sends a piece of itself instead. This projected cord, more accurately described as silver in color (the hara line) connects and maintains the functionality of our temporary Human vehicle.

Because this cord is narrow, we have limited to no access to our much larger Higher Self. So instead of a level of mentally incomprehensible perception/awareness/functionality and an innate understanding of the Greater Reality which we normally have while in the Energetic, we are reduced to perceiving just the low frequential environment our form factor (the body) is attuned to via our five physical senses. Our five physical senses are outwardly projected for the survival of our physical vehicle. These senses simply receive the electrical impulses within its specific frequency or local environment and the Human mind interprets them, creating the experience of an “out there.” It is this very limited physical sense perception based existence that creates a SUBJECT/OBJECT paradigm. Meaning, there becomes a what is “out there” and a separate me “in my mind and body” experiencing the objects “out there.” It is the Subject/Object paradigm that helps to create and reinforce the experience of a separate self. We create an entire prison, I mean identity, out of the limited stimulus our survival based senses perceive which then become the fodder for our prison, I mean our mental constructs, beliefs and so-called knowledge.

The genesis of the entity known as the ego is now manifest and subsequently ‘identity/mind/thought’ is being perpetually created and reinforced. The association our Sentience makes and to what level it identifies with the body/mind complex and all phenomena is determined within the first seven years of life. Some choose total immersion (I am my mind and body, period, and nothing more) all the way to the nearly unheard complete detachment from mind and body. Every level in between is fair game. Supremely advanced Beings such as Christ, Saint Germaine, Buddha and Babaji viscerally know they are not human but are merely having a Human experience and subsequently display a remarkable level of Self Mastery.

Remember, Mind is thought and for thoughts to have a landing place an identity must be in play to run its conditioned program. Thoughts are simply the movement of memory and knowledge. These shadow byproducts of ‘identity/mind’ give birth to and enforce the perpetuation of Ego/Mind/Identity or The Transitory Self.

To begin the process of transcending this survival-based transitory self, imagine yourself as just two eyes floating without a brain attached. Pure awareness floating sans any mental analysis.

The electrical impulses, what the five physical senses perceive (what we see, hear, feel, touch, taste and smell) are processed by the receiver (the human mind) and translated into our individual reality, based upon a subject/object paradigm. Fundamentally, what we IDENTIFY with (the beliefs, concepts, expectations, fears, desires, so-called knowledge, etc) within this sensory realm is what CREATES the ego/mind/identity, the fake, illusionary, transient self and every sensory input or stimulus is processed and run against the program that is the created identity. (who we think we are and subsequently how we feel about ourselves).

Within this state of beingness, all we ever experience is our filters, our beliefs, our concepts, so-called knowledge, our identity. Never ‘what is’ but rather what is in the way of ‘what is.’ Your vibration is then reflective of your filters. Enlightenment is the permanent removal of filters. Enhanced functionality is the realm of Mastery.

It is the IDENTIFICATION (saying yes to and not simply objectively seeing) and MENTAL ANALYSIS of any stimulus, ANY information, be it concepts, beliefs, what mommy and daddy said, the bodily sensations, feelings, experiences, so-called knowledge, tangible objects, thoughts, pleasure, pain, people or whatever that creates and perpetuates our Mind/Ego/Identity. This created Self is the ONLY barrier that exists from experiencing the ONENESS OF EVERYTHING and everything that Pure Awareness perceives is simply its own level of Sentience reflected back unto itself.

Imagine an ordinary person and Einstein were looking at a chalkboard covered in an elaborate quantum physics equation. (As opposed to the non-elaborate quantum physics equations, lol). The ordinary person sees a bunch of numbers, squiggly lines and letters. That’s it. Einstein sees the same thing but recognizes the theory for time travel. But didn’t their physical eyes see the same numbers, letters and squiggly lines? Then what happened? What’s the difference? The level of Sentience, which has nothing to do with the physical senses nor the self-imposed limitations (such as so-called knowledge) of the ego/mind/identity.

Wanting to be more spiritual and knowledgeable is the same as wanting to be more wealthy or famous. Two sides of the same coin.  All wants are products of the Ego/Mind/identity. This realization can be very painful and jarring for those of us who see ourselves as very spiritual or awake. Very quietly, inwardly, examine the desire to acquire anything including so called knowledge. Find the source of this desire. That source is what must be examined.

To truly see ‘what is’ remove all filters. This is not done through the acquisition of any information but rather the opposite.

Fundamentally, Ego is Identity. Identity is Mind. Mind is thought. Thought is the past, the movement of memory and knowledge. And knowledge is NOT what you think it is. It is the accumulation of information in order to be become capable of doing something that is bound by time and therefore purely Human. It’s just repetition. Justified beliefs. Mimicry. Mechanical. Conditioning. Programming. This is not evolving. This is a near total and absolute waste of our Immortal Sentience and the misuse of our Energy on such a profound level that it leaves humanity repeating green screen after green screen, epoch after epoch, with only infinitesimal spiritual evolution to show for it, just the changing of scenery.

Thought creates the illusion of time and the delusion of knowledge. It also creates and perpetuates the Ego/Mind/Identity. The Ego/Mind/Identity must be active for the movement of thought to occur. The created false Self is a transitory delusion/illusion borne out of severely limited perception and a lack of connectivity to our Higher Self. Therefore, mind/ego/thought/Self is a total conglomeration of filters creating a state of delusion. When the shedding of filters is experienced directly (the evaporation of ego/mind/identity) without interruption and not intellectually, one is in a state of cosmic consciousness. This, one could say, is to know Source and beyond. Never returning to the state of delusion while incarnate is Enlightenment. Availing oneself of advanced functionality via the depth of Sentience within the state of Enlightenment is the domain and work of The Ascended Masters.

The constant inundation of stimulus and subsequent processing of these electrical impulses via our five physical senses and our lack of connectivity to what we REALLY ARE creates and perpetuates the ego/mind/thought/identity program. There must be a mind/ego/identity in play for thoughts to even have a place to land and one must leave pure awareness in order to think. Total awareness is the absence of thought. Thoughts get in the way of expanding awareness and the deepening of wisdom. Transcending the sensory realm elevates our awareness beyond this low frequency experience, the realm of duality which is a product of mind/ego/identity. Only inner silence opens the door to ‘what is.’

The ego/mind/identity ceases to exist or hold dominion over our consciousness once we have retrained our attention to experience and dwell within its source, the silence and emptiness of the True Self or Pure Awareness. Why does the Human mind constantly want more and more information? Because it doesn’t know anything. There is nothing there. It’s a bottomless, empty pit, an entity. Appetite itself. Mind is ego. Ego is born out of identification with phenomena and a lack of connectivity to our Higher Self. Let go of everything, all your concepts, beliefs, knowledge, expectations. Stop holding on and it will all slip away. None of it is you. You remain the awareness of any and all phenomena. Free the True Self from the transient little self’s desperate clinging of ignorance, greed and attachments. Don’t hold onto anything or anyone anymore. Lose the self-imposed prison you have walled yourself within, your ego/mind/identity construct and all its thoughts. It’s our thoughts that perpetuate the construct. The one true reality will reveal itself only in silence. The real you, pure AWARENESS is that Reality. ‘What is’ is your level of Sentience reflected back unto itself in order to know thyself.

Know thyself as the silent, unsullied perception. The ceaseless reservoir of indomitable Power, Unconditional Love and Timeless Wisdom.

We are beyond all so-called knowledge (justified beliefs), concepts (mental constructs) and beliefs (illusions outside of the Self). We are all beyond the finite consciousness of the time-bound human mind.

Live this way. Act this way. Be this way.

There is nothing to lose but our own limitations. Meet me there. The Victory of the Light.

I have been waiting for you.

I AM lovingly,

About the Author: RJ has healed himself from a permanent state of paralysis from the chest down, a lethal infection, multiple diseases and numerous life threatening physical  challenges. He has done this in less than 1 year and takes absolutely no medications. He lives on a remote island and teaches meditation, spiritual counseling, advanced classes on how to become Self Realized and performs transformative Healing work, all remotely. He has One objective, the same he has in all of his infrequent incarnations…the freeing of Mankind.

Please visit his website, www.ascendthefrequencies.com or email at   [email protected] 

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