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What Halloween 2022 Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign?

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by Conscious Reminder

This year’s Halloween is especially potent astrologically since the First Quarter moon in Aquarius falls the day after Halloween.

As of October 31st, our sun in Scorpio and the moon in Aquarius will feel the effects of Mars retrograde, which begins the previous day, October 30th, in Gemini. This voyage will encourage a gradual expansion of our horizons, although one fraught with squabbles and challenges.

Here is what the stars think of the upcoming holiday, whether you are planning on going all out or just sitting on the couch with a bowl of sweets.


Mars, your governing planet, has been in retrograde motion since Oct 11, and you may be experiencing the effects of this as you begin this week. Lucky for you, it will not prevent you from enjoying Halloween.


You are experiencing profound shifts in your sense of self and your connections as a result of this year’s eclipse season. Moreover, communicative Mercury has just moved into your home of relationships, making you more receptive to sharing your thoughts and feelings with your significant other.


The morning before Halloween is a magical opportunity to go into your inner world and uncover some hidden emotions. In addition, the planet of activity, Mars, began its retrograde into Gemini yesterday; as a result, you should not overstretch yourself as you readjust to the retrograde.


Cancer, when the moon moves into your sixth house of mystery, transformation, and the unconscious, you will have an intensified sense of the eerie and supernatural that characterizes the Halloween season. Put some bouquets on the altar as a gesture of respect to your forefathers, or reconnect with a close friend or partner.


On October 31, the moon will move into your relationship zone, making it ideal for you to celebrate the holiday with your significant other or closest friend. However, the present eclipse cycle is also being activated by moon energy, thus difficulties associated with the solar eclipse’s concerns should be anticipated after October 25.


Now is a good time to schedule your month’s work or prepare for a post-Halloween cleanse, as the first-quarter moon is stimulating activities connected to health and productivity. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has returned to your relationship house this week, therefore you should prioritize creating magical connections between you and your spouse.


Even though Halloween is the scariest night of the entire year, love is still in the air. A lover you have spent significant time with lately is haunting your dreams. Give your sociable side a chance to soar by accepting invitations to Halloween parties and other events.


Even though the total eclipse within Scorpio was last week, you may still be experiencing aftereffects. As a remedy, nothing beats a night in with some friends, some sweets, and some scary movies.


On Halloween, the moon moves into your third house of friendships, groups, and travel, making this a festive and perhaps eventful day. Do not forget that Mars is now retrograde in your partnership sector, so be sure to show your significant others some extra love and appreciation.


Align yourself with the spirit of the scary season by meditating or reading some tarot cards before you go to the office. Feeling a little off-kilter this Monday morning? The moon is in your perceptual pleasure zone, so treat yourself to something pumpkin-flavored or burn your favorite autumn candle while you ease into the work week.


It is best to trust your instincts when deciding how to spend your evening, whether that is with a quiet movie at home or a wild costume party with friends. To top it all off, the current sequence of eclipses begins as the moon reaches its first quarter stage. Take a stand and say what you really think.


Feeling sleepy? Take it easy and give yourself some time to recharge with a nap. On Friday, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, returned to your sign, marking the beginning of its final 12-year stay in Aquarius.

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