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Homeless Boy Raped, Beaten & Robbed – Then Ed Sheeran Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The world is an intimidating place. It can be incredibly dark and cruel as most of us know.

If you look at any newspaper or any social media sites, you will come across multiple stories of human cruelty and indifference.

They can be individual events such as rapes, murder or robberies, or it can be mass events of genocides, exploitation and displacement. Everyday the names might change, but the story remains the same. One of deprivation and inhumane behavior.

All of these stories are enough to make one shudder and completely give up on humanity. Many have and wonder what is the point of living if all everyone cares about is themselves. But thankfully that is not the case.

There are yet people out there who make this world worth living and as the popular saying goes, ‘restore our faith in humanity’. One such instance is regarding a famous and much loved celebrity, Ed Sheeran.

Everyone is familiar with this singer for the numerous heart touching and feet thumping tracks that he has sung. But Sheeran is more than a pop star.

He is also a good human being, something which has become quite rare in this world. Recently, Sheeran was in Liberia in support of The Red Nose Day, an initiative by Comic Relief.

While meeting kids there, one particular story shook Sheeran enough for him to take immediate action. We know that he already supports quite a few charities for children, but on his trip to Liberia, he touched a young boy’s life in a way that can never be forgotten.

Sheeran met JD on a canoe which is the latter’s home. Well, he lives in a canoe on the beach but those are just technicalities. Being without a home or a proper guardian, JD had to suffer rape and abuse at the hands of the older kids.

He was not alone in this, as many of his friends too suffered from the same fate. Sheeran immediately worked on setting up these young children with a guardian (whom they now call Ma) in the capital city of Monrovia.

JD is quite happy with the turn his life has taken, and now wants to become the President of his country so that he too can help people like him when he has the resources.

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