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What Makes Empaths To Fall For Crazymakers?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Nothing can be worse than having to deal with a crazymaker when all you want to do is find stability and tranquility in life. Julie Cameron has written extensively about how crazymakers, or a person whose personality is in chaos, can be destructive for artists.

But crazymakers are just as bad for those with heightened sensitivity like empaths who have no choice but feel all that everyone is feeling around them.  When an empath picks up the vibration of a crazymaker, they cannot understand it because it is all in turmoil and that turmoil can be quite dark. There are crazymakers not consumed by darkness. They are just people who are selfish and weak but they bear no malice to anyone else.

But the ones who have let darkness take over are a different ballgame altogether. They actively try to ensure that the lives of others descend into chaos. We’ve all met this kind of person in our families, schools and workplaces who are not happy till some sort of drama is going down.

The worst part is that crazymakers are attracted to empaths because they know that empaths are sensitive and can be easily influenced. They are kind people who will go to great lengths to tolerate someone because they do not wish to be rude.

But if you are an empath, remember that you are not bound to tolerate this negativity. It will simply destroy you by introducing chaos and darkness into your life and you need to push it away before it is too late.

So if you’re reading this and it brings to mind a person in your life, you need to take moment to analyze what they’ve done and start saying ‘no’. Remember that your life is yours and yours alone.

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