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Another Year, Another Chapter, Another Goodbye

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Now that we are all getting ready to put 2017 behind us, I am once again just a little overcome by sadness and disappointment that nothing awesome happened this past year.

Every new year, I tell myself that this year is going to the best year ever but in the end, nothing changes and once again I feel let down. But I have come to understand that even when a year has not been the best, it has been good, if I just look at it in a different way.

I think God gives you a new path to follow with the coming of each new year. More often that not, it is completely different from the one you followed the previous year.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve been asked to learn a new language but just when you think you are getting better, you’re forced to switch to a different one.

I have started to accept this now. I’m okay with not having the last say in the conversation that is my life. I’m alright with not having everything under my control and I understand that I can’t prevent anyone from leaving if they are meant to.

In the end, each year is just a tiny step forward in the great journey that is my life. It is just another twist in this winding path I have to follow.

I am ready to move on from 2017. I am ready to accept all that I have been through and I know that this one year doesn’t make up all that I am. It is not a crossroad in my life.

I have resolved to not dwell on the negative aspects of this year. I will take what I have learned and use that to be better.

The new twist in my path will only lead me to more beautiful places as I will try to walk away from the beaten path and find my own way.

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