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The Numerological Importance And Significance Of The Number 5

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by Conscious Reminder

Five has always had holy associations in various faiths including the Hindu, Chinese and Christian.

The Hindus consider it holy because it stands for the number of Vedas in their religious system: The Rig, The Yajur, the Sam and the Atharva, while the Bhagavad Gita is considered an addendum to this list considering it was literally sung by God as its name suggests.

The Chinese mythology, 5 stands for auspiciousness, and many architectural spaces have 5 gates etc. besides being the number of elements there are in the Feng Shui system.

In Christianity, 5 was the number of wounds on Christ’s body as well as the joys of the Virgin Mary.

Let’s look at the number and its repetitive sequences: 5, 55, 555, 5555.

What do these numbers represent?

Answers to those who read on.


The number 5 stands for dynamic change and radical movement in your horoscope. It stands for being in a complete state of flux that is transformative and metamorphosing in nature.

It also stands for imagination, because how can growth and transformation be achieved without it. Creativity and spontaneity too are qualities associated with this number.


This number represents the ending of an old order and the opening of gates into the new. This means that you must work or put in some kind of effort in order to bring about the radical change we were referring to. But it also stands for hope and power to overcome.

So the job might not be as difficult as you think.


This stands for the awareness that comes to a person the moment they realise they are going to have to change. This is probably 70% of the battle won. Unless you want to learn/wish to learn, you just cannot. That is the way the world has always been.

Also, you need to be aware emotionally, that is you would have to know how to pinpoint exactly what you are thinking at a given point in time.


This stands for peace, connectedness and harmony: that you will succeed in your endeavour; that you will transform into something more spiritually beautiful.


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