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23 Strange Human Emotions That People Feel but Find Difficult to Explain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Well, isn’t it difficult to talk about emotions?

And it is not like we cannot talk about emotions but the fact that sometimes we cannot describe the emotions that we want to talk about and when this happens we have to realize that some emotions are beyond description and for some emotions we just don’t know the right word. So, here are 23 human emotions that all of us feel but didn’t know that they actually have a name:

Sonder. This is a feeling of being aware of the fact that other people are also going through emotions and feelings and problems and ambitions; just like you but you are a passerby in their life.

Liberosis. A feeling of caring a lot less and basically chilling; it is a way of being calm and relaxed.

Monachopsis. A feeling of not being able to fit everywhere

Enouement. A feeling of having lost a part of yourself in the past even when you have entered the future.

Nodus Tollens. It is a feeling for the realization that something that you worked extremely hard for wasn’t absolutely worth the effort, yet you are aware that you can change your circumstances.

Onism. The realization that you are stuck in the same body all the time and cannot go wherever you want to or do whatever you want to.

Opia. A vulnerable feeling when you look into someone’s eyes

Altschmerz. When you are tired of facing the same issues and problems all the time and you wish you could change even your problems.

Anecdoche. The feeling that conversation is basically overlapping of disconnected words because no one listens to everyone and somehow just everyone wants to keep talking

Ellipsism. You feel like you don’t know what will happen in the future. All that you know is that you have to deal with the present moment no matter what!

Kuebiko. This happens because of the violence that is around us. You feel like you are targeted or a part of it for no reason.

Lachesism. When you feel that your life is going on very easily so you want some kind of disaster to happen to you.

Exulansis. This is the feeling that you feel when you realize that you are narrating something to an audience who isn’t interested in what you are saying so you just want to stop the narration instead.

Vellichor. This is when you look at old books and realize that they are like ancient knowledge that has been passed onto you.

Andronitis. A feeling that you are taking too long to understand someone

Rückkehrunruhe. A feeling when you have to remind yourself after a great trip that the good things actually happened to you.

Rubatosis. This is the feeling when you realize that your heartbeat is real.

Kenopsia. The empty feeling that you get when you go to a place that once had a lot of people but now there is no one there.

Mauerbauertraurigkeit. This is when you push people; even those who are very close to you for no reason.

Jouska. This is when you wish to talk to people in your head.

Occhiolism.  This is when you realize that you are so small in the larger scheme of things.

Chrysalism. The feeling during a thunderstorm of being safe in your house.

Vemödalen. A feeling you get when you take a photo of some amazing view only to realize that so many people have already done this before you.

I believe you have felt most of these emotions but weren’t aware of their actual existence.

Tell us all about your experiences in the comments section below. 

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