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Lines Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many of us have experienced a time when all our friends were dating or in serious relationships and we were single and sometimes a little bit left out of the loop.

Even when we were happy to be single, some people thought there was no way we could be satisfied if we didn’t have a significant other. They all gave advice that was unnecessary, unwanted, and sometimes even hurtful.

If you’re a person with a single friend, these are some of the things you really shouldn’t be telling them at least for the sake of your friendship.

Things Your Single Friend Doesn’t Want To Hear Anymore

“There’s No Way You Can Still Be Single!”

Many a time when people say this, they really are trying to appreciate you. They’re actually saying that you’re too beautiful, intelligent, and witty to not be dating.

On the other hand, the implication is that you wouldn’t still be single if there wasn’t something wrong with you in the first place. It puts single people in a position where they have to explain to others why they’re single.

“Maybe You Need To Be Less Choosy”

This is a really messed up piece of advice. There’s no reason why anyone should lower their expectations just to conform to societal norms and get into a relationship.

There’s really nothing worse than settling and knowing you’ve compromised on your values. If you have expectations from the people you’re willing to let into your life, there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Change Your Appearance To Gain Confidence”

A lot of people get a brand new haircut when they’re entering a new stage of their lives but you shouldn’t be advising them to do that just so other people will be attracted to them.

This will only make them doubt their own appearance and result in them losing the confidence they already had.

“Don’t Try Too Hard”

When a single person actually makes an effort to date new people don’t start discouraging them. What else do you expect them to do if they want to be in a relationship?

Sure you may think that their enthusiasm will scare people but would you really want them to date the kind of person who’d be scared off so easily?

“What About Kids?”

This is probably the most insensitive thing you can ask them. Firstly, they might not want children at all and you’re just hurting them by implying that it isn’t right to feel that way.

Secondly, even if they do want kids, you’re not making them feel better by saying that it might be too late for that. Just remember that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

As much as you might want to help your friends, sometimes the best you can do is to just be there for them without saying anything that will make them feel worse.

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